Permanent Foster Program

GRRALL’s mission states: “Without regard to age, medical condition, or cost of care, GRRALL accepts Golden Retrievers and Golden-hearted mixes in need of rescue.” We take this to heart. Sometimes we rescue dogs whose medical needs are so great that adoption would be impossible or for whom another move from foster to a new home would be too difficult. These dogs are placed into our permanent foster program. This means that they stay with their loving foster family for the remainder of their lives, no matter how short or long, and GRRALL continues to provide medical care.

Our permanent fosters are all special dogs with special needs, and our fosters are special people. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to a permanent foster, please fill out a foster application.

Providing care to these wonderful dogs is worth every penny, but it is costly, especially for a non-profit like GRRALL. Your donations can help ensure that we can continue to care for these deserving dogs and others like them in the future.

Meet our other current Permanent Fosters:

Bailey – 12 years old – GRRALL #530 – Rescued May 2016

Bailey is a gorgeous golden girl who arrived in rough shape. She was emaciated and suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, which caused weight loss and vision loss. She also had an abdominal mass that required surgical removal. Her foster mom and our vet worked hard to get her healthy again and she is now happy and thriving under their care. If you would like to purchase from Bailey’s Cuddly Wish List or donate to help cover her medical costs please click here.

Dusty – 17 years old – GRRALL #533 – Rescued May 2016

Dusty was an owner surrender at age 13. His family was moving and was unable to take him with them. He is completely blind and suffered from recurring ear infections. Luckily, his lack of vision is not deterrent to enjoying every possible aspect of life. Dusty’s sense of smell is most definitely intact – he can smell a snack from a mile away and is always happy to offer his services in disposing of said snack. He is a sweet and gentle old man who is a joy to his foster family. If you would like to purchase from Dusty’s Cuddly Wish List or donate to help cover his medical costs please click here.


Opie  – 10 years old – GRRALL #712 – Rescued July 2018

If you would like to purchase from Opie’s Cuddly Wish List or donate to help cover his medical costs please click here.

Update 12/27/18: Opie has finished his heartworm treatment today and got clearance from the vet to resume normal activity. Thank you to his foster family for helping him get through!!

###Update 8/29/18: Opie finally got vet clearance this week to go to his foster home. He is settling in and doing great. He has been neutered too.

###Update 8/3/18: Opie has been seen by our vet, they estimate him at 10-11yrs old. He is HW positive and possible testicular cancer so he will be neutered ASAP. He has started on an antibiotic for his skin.
Heartbreaking for the GRRALL Rescue Team, but our new boy Opie now has a chance at a happy life. Opie’s official name is “Optimist” because he, and the rest of us, know he can heal with extensive vet care, good food, and tons of TLC. Opie is about two years old, severely emaciated, protruding ribs, sores, and missing most of his body hair. He weighs 50 pounds, easily 20 pounds or more underweight for his frame. His bones actually creaked when the transport volunteer lifted him into her car, but he rewarded her sobs with a wagging tail, grateful eyes, and lot of kisses. Opie was a stray and given his condition must have been on his own for quite some time. He is super sweet, good with kids, did great in the car, took treats gently, exceptional on a leash, and probably house-trained.

Opie is at our vet now and will likely need IV nutrients initially and then a thorough exam for his skin condition, other issues, and heartworm status. We are looking for a very special foster home for Opie.


Captain – 7-years-old – GRRALL #0761 – Rescued June 2019

Captain was a shelter stray with open wounds on his head and leg, a grapefruit sized bladder stone, and some serious autoimmune issues that nearly cost him his life. Thankfully, the quick vet care he received once he came into rescue got him on the mend and doing much better. Unfortunately, this poor fella has had some further medical issues, including high blood pressure of unknown cause that caused a retina detachment and resulting blindness in one eye. He is heartworm positive and his autoimmune issues mean undergoing heartworm treatment is likely not safe for him. For these reasons, Captain has been welcomed into our permanent foster program. He is a sweet ol’ teddy bear of a boy and is so happy to have a warm bed and loving humans with whom he can spend the rest of his days.


Rosey – Female – 13-years old – GRRALL #0779 – Rescued December 2019

A special welcome to our new girl Rosey!! Rosey is a 13 year-old angel, rescued from a shelter, and despite her condition and circumstance she is beyond friendly, grateful, and joyous, and LOVES to give kisses. Several GRRALL volunteers visited Rosey in her post shelter isolation period at our vet and all immediately fell in love with our new girl. Rosey is a typical case of neglect. Heartworm positive, not spayed, arthritic, ear infections and hematoma, dirty, matted, and a bit deaf. Rosey is home now with GRRALL and will never suffer again. Spa treatments, good food, pain medicines, and loving visitors and Rosey is a new girl. Rosey has a wonderful foster home lined up, with a young man who can’t wait to meet her, and will decompress while we review her medical situation. Stay tuned for updates!