Permanent Foster Program

GRRALL’s mission states: “Without regard to age, medical condition, or cost of care, GRRALL accepts Golden Retrievers and Golden-hearted mixes in need of rescue.” We take this to heart. Sometimes we rescue dogs whose medical needs are so great that adoption would be impossible or for whom another move from foster to a new home would be too difficult. These dogs are placed into our permanent foster program. This means that they stay with their loving foster family for the remainder of their lives, no matter how short or long, and GRRALL continues to provide medical care.

Our permanent fosters are all special dogs with special needs, and our fosters are special people. If you are interested in opening your home and heart to a permanent foster, please fill out a foster application.

Providing care to these wonderful dogs is worth every penny, but it is costly, especially for a non-profit like GRRALL. Your donations can help ensure that we can continue to care for these deserving dogs and others like them in the future.

Meet our current Permanent Fosters:

Hallie #0461 – 10 years old – Rescued August 2015 – Crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 2018

We are heartbroken to announce that our sweet Hallie has crossed the rainbow bridge. Her family noticed her slowing down and she was losing interest in eating. A visit to the vet discovered multiple tumors inside her body. Given her age and medical condition, the fosters, our vet, and the GRRALL family made the heartwrenching but necessary decision to end her suffering. Run free, sweet girl. You are missed.

Hallie is a sweet old gal rescued from an East TX shelter. She has severe tooth decay, and is missing most of her teeth, so her age is a very rough estimate. We know for sure that she is an old gal. The missing teeth give her an adorable smile, causing her tongue to hang out the side of her mouth. Hallie began having seizures in her foster home and was moved to permanent foster status due to her seizure disorder. She enjoys spending her days napping and finding the comfiest spots to hang out. Her foster family has noticed her slowing down more and showing less energy. We hope that she will be with us for a long time, but no matter what, she is loved and cared for and will live out whatever time she has left as a spoiled and pampered family member.



Bailey #530 – 8 years old – Rescued May 2016
Bailey is a gorgeous golden girl who arrived in rough shape. She was emaciated and suffering from uncontrolled diabetes, which caused weight loss and vision loss. She also had an abdominal mass that required surgical removal. Her foster mom and our vet worked hard to get her healthy again and she is now happy and thriving under their care. 



Dusty #533 – 15 years old – Rescued May 2016
Dusty was an owner surrender at age 13. His family was moving and was unable to take him with them. He is completely blind and suffered from recurring ear infections. Luckily, his lack of vision is not deterrent to enjoying every possible aspect of life. Dusty’s sense of smell is most definitely intact – he can smell a snack from a mile away and is always happy to offer his services in disposing of said snack. He is a sweet and gentle old man who is a joy to his foster family.



Hachi #624 9 years old – Rescued July 2017
Hachi has come such a long way since he first arrived to the rescue. He was a stray in a rural shelter and in horrible shape. He was emaciated, had double ear infections, covered in fleas and ticks, and his fur was missing on much of his body. Aside from the physical signs of neglect, Hachi has a heart murmur, cataracts, and is cryptorchid (meaning he has undescended testicles). His foster family nurtured him back to health and he is now a very happy boy who is living life to the fullest. His foster mom says he is a total ham and loves to be in the mix of things. Our vet will continue to carefully monitor his heart condition, and we will make sure he is comfortable and healthy for as long as we possibly can.


Clifford #628 – 12 years old – Rescued August 2017
Have you ever seen such a fuzzy face on a Golden? Adorable senior Clifford was surrendered to a local shelter by his family. He was covered from head to toe and top to bottom in layers of motor oil, grease, and grime from years of neglect and living outside, trying to shelter underneath old cars. Underneath all of that filth he had open sores from the matting caused by his fur and the oil irritating his skin, along with oodles of ticks and fleas. There was no choice but to shave down his coat, as attempts at cleaning him with Dawn (the method used to clean wildlife affected by oil spills) barely made a dent. In addition to the appalling condition of his coat, Clifford suffers from an array of medical conditions, including heartworm disease. Due to his medical issues, our vet has determined that neuter surgery would be too dangerous for him, so he must stay intact. Aside from being physically neglected, it was clear that Clifford was never given the love that a dog deserves. He didn’t know how to BE a dog when he first arrived in his foster home. Thanks to his loving foster parents and the rest of the dog pack, Clifford has learned the joys of being safe and warm and loved in a true forever home. He is now a very happy boy, with an ever wagging tail.