Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance (GRRALL) is an all-volunteer non-profit foster-based animal rescue organization out of Fort Worth, Texas. We are committed to saving Golden Retriever and Golden Retriever mixes regardless of age or health throughout North Texas.

We are always in need of donations, volunteers, foster homes, and adopters.

Special Fundraiser for Dottie – 10 years old – Rescued June 2018

Dottie is a permanent foster who came to GRRALL last year. She arrived covered head to toe in infection and yeast, with horrific ear infections, a fever, sores, and raw, red skin with the worst dandruff any of us have ever seen. Since then, she’s had a long road with lots of ups and downs and has seen multiple specialists. She is on an expensive prescription diet for food allergies, which has made some impact on her symptoms. However, her primary issue is a zinc absorption/uptake abnormality, which causes severe skin issues all over her body and also affects her gut, making it hard for her to absorb nutrients from food and oral medications properly. We have just about exhausted the options for her, having tried multiple other avenues, aside from one: IV zinc infusions. She will need infusions for the rest of her life, if it works. These infusions are extremely expensive. We won’t know how often she’ll need them until we start, because it varies depending on the individual and is entirely unpredictable. Dot is such a special girl with a strong will to live and a tail that never stops wagging.

Please donate to give her a chance to get the medical treatment she deserves. Dottie needs your help to feel like the queen that she is. You can donate via the Donate tab here on our website or via her Cuddly page, where she also has a wishlist of items, including her prescription food: https://cuddly.com/donate/3709857/dottie

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The photos in this slideshow were taken by a fellow rescuer and dog lover who donates her time and talent as a professional photographer to a local shelter, rescues, and first responder canine/handler teams. She always manages to capture each animals’ unique personality. We think she captured our Dot beautifully. If you are local to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are in need of a photographer for your furbabies or humans, please consider Julia – http://www.juliariglerphotography.com

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Meet and Greet
Saturday, February 8th from 12:00 to 2:00 pm
Bark Avenue Market & Bakery

5615 Colleyville Boulevard Suite 230
Colleyville, TX 76034


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