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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Ava – Female – 4 years* – GRRALL #0669

Welcome to our stunning new beauty Ava! Ava is about 4 years old, a gorgeous girl with a beautiful white coat and a sweet personality. Ava was found as a stray and never claimed, sad but true. Ava is heartworm negative, which is fantastic. She will receive a full medical exam and then move into a foster home and be available for adoption after we get to know her a little better. Stay tuned for updates! *Note Ava’s age will be updated after her vet exam.


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Arthur – Male – 2 years – GRRALL #0668

Arthur’s luck has changed; the shelters are overflowing and he was literally saved in the nick of time thanks to a transport volunteer who dropped everything to pick him up before too late. This very handsome young boy is about 2 years old, 70 pounds, gorgeous eyes, super friendly, gets along well with other dogs, rides great in the car, loves to be scratched, likes toys and treats, and very happy to be alive. Arthur is also heartworm positive and will have to endure months of difficult treatment all because he was not given a monthly preventative.

Our new boy will receive a thorough vet exam before he starts his heartworm treatment and will be available for adoption once he receives a clean bill of health. We will provide updates on his health and personality as we get to know him better.


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Sheldon – Male –2 years old – GRRALL #0667 ADOPTION READY

Update 3/8/18: Hi my name is Sheldon! I’m 2 yrs old and weigh 42 pounds but my foster mama says I’m going to fill out and could weigh 50 pounds because I love to eat. I also love to play, especially with my foster brother Mikey who for soooo long has really needed a brother he trusted; someone his own age and size, that can teach him how to play and walk on leash. I’m such a friendly guy but I also understand other dogs and people too; my foster mama thinks I’m a wise young sage. I love to be near my family and I’m very smart and eager to please! I know my basic commands and I walk well on the leash. I’m good with dogs, cats, and kids too!


Welcome Sheldon! This super handsome two year-old boy was rescued by a Good Samaritan who took care of him for a month. Sheldon is the best all worlds, good with kids, cats, and dogs! Super-duper adorable. Sheldon will receive a thorough exam at our vet; we know he is heartworm negative, about 45lbs and neutered. We will update you on his personality as we get to know him better, but he will make a wonderful pet for some lucky adopter.


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Finnegan – Male –9 years old – GRRALL #0665 – AVAILABLE SOON

Welcome Finnegan! Finnegan is an extremely handsome golden boy, about 9 years old; dumped at a high kill shelter. An amazing volunteer drove hours to pick Finnegan up from the shelter, and both had huge grins of happiness as they made their freedom ride back to the DFW area. Finnegan is a big boy at 91 pounds, sweet, gentle, and grateful to be saved.Finnegan will receive a thorough medical exam and heartworm test at our GRRALL vet. Paws crossed this gentle giant is heartworm negative. We will update about Finnegan as we get to know him better.


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Cowboy – Male – 4 years old – GRRALL #0664 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 3/10/18: Cowboy is a gorgeous dog. He has the coloring of both a Golden and an Australian Shepard with gold, red, brown, and white all throughout his coat. So many people just stop his foster mom and comment on how pretty he is. He is just as pretty on the inside. He is calm and very loving, loves attention and takes his treats very gently. His foster family is working on basic commands, and he is so eager to please. He loves to walk and does pretty well on a leash. Cowboy is great with other dogs and loves people. He hasn’t been tested around cats or kids, but I imagine he would be great with kids too, especially older kids. The poor guy has to endure Heartworm treatments and then be neutered, so he has a few rough months ahead before he will be 100% healthy and ready to find his perfect home.  Cowboy is a great dog and will make some lucky family a wonderful pet. His foster family loves him and are so excited for him to find a family all his own.

Welcome Cowboy! Cowboy is about 4-years old, 54 pounds, reddish-brown, and the best mix of golden and something cute! Cowboy was discarded by his owners at a high kill shelter as he is heartworm positive. Lucky for Cowboy some great volunteers jumped into action to save him before the deadline, and he is now with GRRALL, ready to start his life anew. Cowboy will receive a thorough medical exam and treatment for heartworm disease; an easily avoided condition if given a routine prescription preventative.

Cowboy is good with other dogs, calm, and very sweet. He is a gorgeous dog and ready to be healthy and a loved permanent family member. We will update Cowboy once we get to know him better.


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Honey – Female – 3 years – GRRALL #0662 – ADOPTION READY

Update 2/28/18: Honey is very sweet and loves getting pets and belly rubs. She is 100% housebroken but does need supervision with chewing things she shouldn’t, she is easily redirected to toys and bones. Honey depends on her foster brother for cues. She really enjoys having a dog around so her foster mom is looking for an adoptive home with another dog. She has picked up on a lot of her foster brothers habits and manners. She is learning how to be a loved member. Honey can be fearful of quick movements so a quiet household would be a plus. She is protective of her foster home and barks at anyone walking by the front of the house. She is becoming a bit of a talker too, she likes to tell her foster mom when it’s time to go for a walk in the mornings. Honey is active and enjoys zooming around the backyard. Honey gets spayed on 3/6 so we anticipate she will attend our April 7th meet and greet.

2/12/2018: Honey update: Honey is in her foster home and doing great! Our little girl weighs in at a healthy 90 pounds, a good weight for her body type. She has a big smile, beautiful fluffy fur, and a bit of a curl to her tail. Honey is very sweet and gentle, a bit shy but warms up quickly. Honey was dumped with her sister Toffee (#661); they are being fostered separately but ideally would be great to see them adopted together. Honey is thankfully heartworm negative and now all up to date on her vaccinations. She gets along well with other dogs and appears good with cats. Her foster brother Sanders is showing her the ropes and she is a good student. Honey walks well on a leash, is inquisitive and enjoys exploring her new yard. We are taking it slow and easy and giving Honey time to adjust to being a loved and wanted family member. Stay tuned for more updates on Honey.


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Toffee – Female – 3 years – GRRALL #0661 – ADOPTION READY

Update 2/28/18: Toffee is doing great with her foster brother. She loves to play and chew on bones. She hasn’t quite mastered the game of fetch yet but she loves being outdoors and sunbathing. Toffee does fairly well on the leash but is still learning. She is house broken and does not like being crated. She has been staying out of the crate with her foster brother while her foster mom is at work and does well. Car rides still make her nervous. Her foster mom is working on basic commands such as sit, and down due to her still jumping up when she is excited. If you are interested in meeting Toffee we anticipate she will be attending our meet and greet on March 11th.

Update 2/13/18: Toffee is heartworm negative! Toffee is a gorgeous girl! She is 84 pounds, a perfect weight for her frame, after some spa time she once again has a gorgeous and fluffy coat. Toffee moved into her foster home and is doing fantastic. She is getting along great with the resident dog, is sweet and loving, and adjusting well. Foster Mom says Toffee was fascinated by the TV and likes to watch. She is getting spayed on 2/21 and should be adoption ready by the 3/11 meet and greet. Stay tuned for more updates on beautiful Toffee!

Please give a warm welcome to our new girl Toffee, found as a stray with her twin, Honey. These two gorgeous golden mix girls are about 3 years old, probably litter-mates, and dumped together. Each will receive a thorough exam, be spayed, and then be ready to interview suitors. We will update their progress as we learn more about them.


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Shelby – Female – 10-years-old – GRRALL #0660 – AVAILABLE SOON

Welcome Shelby! Shelby is about 10 years-old, heartworm positive and extremely emaciated at 43 pounds, at least twenty pounds underweight. Despite being scared Shelby happily went to our transport volunteers, grateful to be saved, and hopefully get a decent meal. Shelby’s teeth show excessive wear so unbearable to imagine what she had been attempting to eat to keep herself alive. Shelby is at our vet now, starting her recovery process. She will receive a full check-up and proper care to build up her weight before heartworm treatment can even start. We are looking for a very special foster home for Shelby, ideally a foster-to-adopt home to minimize stress, and ensure Shelby can stay with the same people throughout her long recovery and then be adopted. Shelby is a sweet, gorgeous, and friendly girl who deserves a shot at a better life. Stay tuned for updates about our special girl.


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Rita H. – Female – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0656 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 2/6/18: Rita was spayed last week and doing just great in her foster home. Rita’s foster family says they don’t know how anyone couldn’t help but love this little girl. She is loving and constantly right by everyone’s side. They say she is definitely something special. Rita has been eating although she does like some enticement seems like she is a smart girl. She won’t be adoption ready for a couple more months as she goes through heartworm treatment. We will continue to update as we get to know sweet Rita.
Say hello to gorgeous Rita! Rita is a 68 pound 6-year-old golden female, just stunning, abandoned and found wandering the streets as a stray. This little girl is ours now, and GRRALL will ensure she has a proper and permanent home. Sadly, but not surprising, Rita is heartworm positive. Thanks to our fantastic transport volunteer Rita already had a much needed spa day, next step is her spay surgery, and then we start the heartworm treatment. Poor Rita now has to endure many months of expensive and difficult heartworm treatment but at least it will be with the best of care and with a loving foster family. We will post more pictures and update Rita’s status as she adjusts to the good life.


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Mikey – Male – 1.5 years – GRRALL #0644 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 12/22/17: Mikey has been in his new foster home for 3 weeks now. He was moved to be with another dog so that he could learn how to trust his humans. Mikey has made some great progress and plays with his foster fur sibling. He is slowly bonding with his fosters. Mikey has had a tough road but things are looking up.

Update 12/10/2017: We are so happy Mikey is in a wonderful foster home, and in just one week has made great progress. He is a bit wary but will allow himself to be petted. He likes to be in close proximity to his foster Mom, at her feet, or next to her, or underneath her side of the bed. He hasn’t yet agreed to take treats directly from his foster parents, but does have a good appetite, which is always a great sign. Mikey gets along well with his nine-pound canine foster brother, and they have started to play together. Mikey has had no accidents in the house or problems outside. Mikey is in a good place and we are all so hopeful he will learn to trust again and become more comfortable around humans.

Update 11/4/2017: Mikey is in a foster home and doing great. He is completely house-broken and crate trained. He sleeps in his crate at night with the door shut and he hangs out in his crate for a few hours during the day with the door open. He has not displayed any destructive behavior, amazing for such a young dog who has already been through so much. Mikey is still adjusting to life outside the shelter and is a bit fearful He LOVES being outside and is quite the happy fellow when out in nature. He is still quite terrified of the leash so for now he needs a home with a year and very patient humans who can help him overcome his fear of the leash so he can enjoy walks and trips out in the car. He will do best with another dog in the house, a confident dog who can show Mikey the ropes on what it is to be a loved and adored permanent family member.
Mikey came to us as a stray from a local shelter. He’s a smaller guy at just around 40 lbs. He’s in good health and heartworm negative. Mikey is a shy boy who was absolutely terrified at the shelter and seems to have no experience with a leash. He needs a calm, quiet home with people who can show him patience and gentleness as he learns to trust humans. We suspect that with love and time he will blossom into a loyal and loving companion. GRRALL has seen many dogs like Mikey come into rescue afraid and uncertain and then absolutely transform once they feel safe and learn that humans can be trusted.


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Leah – Female – 8 years old – GRRALL #0640 – ADOPTION READY

Update 1/2/18: Leah has finished her heartworm treatment and is ready for adoption. Her foster mom reports she is sweet, so easy, and lovable! ❤️
Update 11/6/17: Leah is a sweetheart, she rarely barks and is very laid back. Leah enjoys going for a walk and loves to be loved on. She is very easy dog and gets along great with foster fur-brother.
Welcome Leah to GRRALL! Our new girl is a Golden/Lab mix, about 8 years old, surrendered to a local high kill shelter when her people decided having a dog was too much responsibility. Leah is heartworm positive and will require treatment, simply because she was not given preventative medicine. She is super sweet and thrilled to be sprung from the shelter; she rode great in the car on her freedom ride to the vet. Leah has the typical golden personality and is happy to start her new life, but this time with people who will love and care for her forever. Leah will receive a full medical check-up, have her heartworm disease accessed and a treatment plan developed, and is already on the road to recovery. We will post more about Leah as we get to know her better. Leah will need a special foster home to keep her safe and quiet during her heartworm treatment.


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Calvin – Male – 3 years old – GRRALL #0609 – AVAILABLE SOON

Calvin is a fantastic looking 3-year-old cream colored 67 pound Golden mix. Just look at those ears! He is house-trained, crates easily, and loves to play fetch and swim. He is smart and treat driven. He knows basic commands, so a calm and patient adopter could probably train Calvin much further.

Calvin startles easily at noises and needs someone who is willing to take it slow and work with him to overcome his fears. He will do best in a quiet home as an only pet, no young children, and no apartments, as Calvin can be vocal. An experienced dog owner would be a real plus for him.

Calvin likes being around his people and will follow you around because he wants to know where you are all the time. He is happy to be lying on the floor by your feet. Calvin really enjoys tennis balls and playing fetch and tug of war. It’s such a delight to see him running around, playing and happy, a far cry from when GRRALL rescued him from a shelter. He also loves to swim so a pool would be a nice bonus.


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