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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Bexley – Male – 2-years old – GRRALL #0780 – AVAILABLE SOON

Welcome to our new boy Bexley, 2-years old and 64 pounds of fluff. Bexley was found as a stray by a nice family that took him in and eventually turned to GRRALL when they were unable to find an owner for him. Bexley is great with kids and dogs and already adores his foster brother, a GRRALL alum. He is untested with cats and 100% housebroken. Bexley walks pretty well on a leash and already knows a few basic commands. With some training he will be the best dog he can be. His foster is working on crate training. He loves people and gravitates to any he sees while on walks. He LOVES toys, ALL kinds. He enjoys pulling them all out of the basket and dispersing them across the house. He is very vocal, inside and outside the home. Due to that, apartment living would not be suitable for Bexley. Updates to follow on our big boy Bexley as he adjusts to his new and wonderful life.


Rosey – Female – 13-years old – GRRALL #0779 – AVAILABLE SOON

A special welcome to our new girl Rosey!! Rosey is a 13 year-old angel, rescued from a shelter, and despite her condition and circumstance she is beyond friendly, grateful, and joyous, and LOVES to give kisses. Several GRRALL volunteers visited Rosey in her post shelter isolation period at our vet and all immediately fell in love with our new girl. Rosey is a typical case of neglect. Heartworm positive, not spayed, arthritic, ear infections and hematoma, dirty, matted, and a bit deaf. Rosey is home now with GRRALL and will never suffer again. Spa treatments, good food, pain medicines, and loving visitors and Rosey is a new girl. Rosey has a wonderful foster home lined up, with a young man who can’t wait to meet her, and will decompress while we review her medical situation. Stay tuned for updates!



Sadie – Female – 7-years old – GRRALL #0777 – AVAILABLE NOW

Sadie is a gorgeous 7-year-old, 63 pound redhead golden! This beautiful girl was surrendered, with her daughter Sophie (#0778), for their safety as they were living on a working farm. Sadie adjusted to her foster home very quickly, welcomed by the resident dog. Sadie’s foster family is doing a great job of teaching her basic commands, leash walking, kitchen etiquette, and is doing fantastic at house-training. Sneaky Sadie is an escape artist and will try to dart out the door so her permanent home will need to be super diligent about keeping Sadie on the right side of the door.

Sadie loves to snuggle and enjoys being a couch potato. She loves humans, especially children, and is untested with cats. Sadie has free rein of the house when her people are away and does great, no issues. More info to follow on Sadie as we get to know her better.


Dakota – Female – 10-years old – GRRALL #0776 – AVAILABLE NOW

Welcome beautiful Dakota to GRRALL! Our new girl is an owner surrender, left behind when her people moved. This gorgeous girl is about 10 years old and an absolute sweetheart. She made herself at home in her new foster home immediately, and gets along great with the permanent dog Buddy. Dakota loves to go for walks, never had an accident, is friendly, and very smart. When Dakota wants a treat she goes and sits by the treat jar, and so far it works! She likes to sleep on the couch, which is allowed by her foster family. When the humans return home Dakota cries with happiness. Our little angel does have some skin issues and an ear infection, but healing nicely. Despite being 10-years old Dakota wasn’t spayed, but on the schedule as soon as her current round of antibiotics is complete. Thankfully she is heartworm negative.


Aspen – Female – 1-year-old – #0773 – AVAILABLE SOON

Aspen is a gorgeous one-year old golden girl, rescued from the street by a Great Samaritan, and is now recovering from her spay. Aspen is stunning, fully grown at 45 pounds, found running the streets, flea-infested and malnourished; and had already had a litter of puppies. The amazing family who saved Aspen took her to the vet immediately and then reached out to GRRALL to find her a permanent home where she can be adored and cared for as the puppy she was meant to be.

Aspen gets along well with dogs, cats, kids, and humans. She is a fun loving girl who wants a home to call her own. Aspen is unfortunately heartworm positive so it will be several months before she is adoption ready. She will go through treatment with her foster family. She is crate trained and house broken. Her foster family said she is a happy go lucky girl and a joy to be around. They are helping her learn basic commands, so far she has perfected sit.


Teddy (fka Rebel) – Male – 6 years old – GRRALL #0578 – AVAILABLE NOW

Teddy was adopted about two years ago from GRRALL. He was living the good life with his family. They traveled all over in an RV, and he has been to so many destinations. Unfortunately, his human dad unexpectedly passed away and his human mom is not able to continue his care. Teddy is again looking for an adopter to make him part of their family.

Teddy is a Golden/Pyr mix. He is a tall boy and weighs about 75 lbs. Because of his large size, he would do best in a home with older children. Smaller kiddos could be easily knocked over by such a big boy. He obviously does great in the car since he has traveled around so much and is house trained. He isn’t terribly playful, but he does have a favorite toy that he likes. Teddy will need a little bit of leash training as he gets worked up when he sees other dogs while on walks. He would very much be happy just hanging out at home with his people. Teddy gets along great with the cat in his home. He does well around other dogs in his home when they are over visiting. He doesn’t like to share his food, treats, or toys so probably would prefer to stay an only dog. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention? Teddy makes for a good guard dog because of his deep bark when he sees people approach the house. It’s all an act, however, as he loves visitors and is friendly when people come over.

Teddy is just a big old teddy bear and a total lovebug. He just wants to be with his people and get lots of attention and pats. We will be doing private meet and greets for Teddy since he gets a bit worked up around other dogs on leash.


Banjo– Male – 2-years-old – GRRALL #753 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/12/19:  Banjo has completed heartworm treatment, yay! He is not adoption ready yet. He is very fearful and skittish still. He is making great strides in his foster home. Very smart but unsure of people still. He knows his name, is learning sit and walks very well on a leash. He is house broken now and knows how to use the dog door when he wants to go outside. He rides great in the car. His foster family took him on vacation with them. They stayed in a condo for 4 days, he was great. Banjo needs to continue to build his confidence before being adoption ready. He will be going to see a veterinarian behaviorist to assist with his progress. Stay tuned for updates!

###Banjo is about two years old, 60 pounds, he was found at a popular dumping ground by a good Samaritan. They contacted GRRALL and our amazing transport volunteer went and got him. He is very shy at first but will warm up over time. He is a gorgeous boy. Sadly Banjo is heartworm positive and will have to undergo treatment with his foster family. So he will not be adoption ready for 2-3 months. Stay tuned as we watch Banjo’s personality open up while he is with his foster family.


Izzy –  Female –  6-years-old – GRRALL #0553 – AVAILABLE SOON

Gorgeous Izzy is homeless again, through no fault of her own.  Izzy was adopted at eight weeks old and three years later returned when her humans had a baby.    GRRALL then took Izzy and found her a new home but she is being returned again as her humans don’t have time for her.  We will get Izzy up to date on all her vaccinations and heartworm prevention and a thorough check-up at our vet.

We need a great foster and permanent home for Izzy, where she will finally have consistency and true love.   She is good with other dogs, untested with cats, likes to swim, and good with older kids.  She is a very sweet and loving dog who is loyal to her people, regardless.  She is initially fearful of men and needs some time to know they are good people. Once she learns they are okay she is comfortable and affectionate. Izzy can be a bit anxious in new situations, and who wouldn’t be?   Izzy needs a home without small children as her current owners report she snapped at a toddler; we don’t know the circumstances or if the child was supervised so her new home must be with older kids who are taught how to properly interact with dogs. Let’s help Izzy find her TRUE forever family!