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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Precious –  Female – 5-years old – GRRALL #0764 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/16/19: Our vet has determined Precious’ age is more like 5 years old based on the condition of her teeth. The owner that surrendered Precious to the shelter had stated she was under a year old. She has a yeast infection on her skin which our vet is working on clearing up! She is already looking and feeling better. Precious loves to be outside so she can sniff and romp around in the grass. We think she might have some Pyrenees in her based on the color of her skin and that she is a bit independent. She has great treat eating manners. Precious enjoys having her head massaged and just hanging out with people.

###Meet Precious, a six-month old golden dumped at a shelter, in appalling condition, abused, neglected, and then discarded when she did not produce backyard Goldendoodle puppies.   Precious are all the good people who jumped to help this baby and the other dogs from the same situation, repugnant are those who treat living creatures this way.   Adopt, don’t shop. Precious and two other dogs were being used in an ignorant and cruel attempt to breed high value Goldendoodles.   When this attempt failed the “owners” dumped all three dogs at a shelter.   There are wonderful people in this world, and our volunteers, including an amazing young boy, immediately went into action to save this sweet young girl.    GRRALL is proud to have rescued Precious and we are thrilled Doodle Rock Rescue saved the two other dogs. Precious is at our vet now, continuing her treatment after being at the shelter for a week.   Despite her young age she has terrible raw skin and infections, urine burns from crating, underweight, heartworm positive, and not spayed.   We only look forward from here.   With a lot of support, good wishes, and donations, our new girl will soon be the beautiful happy puppy she was meant to be, and she can start her life over.   Despite her horrible living and working conditions she was still friendly and loving to our young volunteer.   Today Precious was sad and uncomfortable, and probably missing her dog friends.   We will keep you updated on her progress as she recovers and then moves into a foster home.


Miles (fka Tango) – Male – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0276 – AVAILABLE NOW

Handsome Mr. Miles is again looking for a home, permanent one this time.  This stunning young golden boy was surrendered to GRRALL at one year old as his owners had no time for him.  He was adopted and 5 years later is back due empty nest and owner’s job change.  We need to give this young man a true forever home this time around.  We are phenomenally fortunate Miles (fka Tango) is back with his prior GRRALL foster family.  He fit right into their pack and is doing great and will be available for adoption soon.  We anticipate he will be at the July 21st Meet and Greet, check out our calendar tab for details.

Miles loves other dogs and enjoys playing with them. He was reported to be good with children and cats by his previous family. This sweet boy deserves a true forever family to love him always and make sure he knows he isn’t going anywhere again.


Captain –Male – 7-years-old – GRRALL #0761 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/2/19: Captain had surgery right after we pulled him from the shelter. He had a grapefruit sized bladder stone. He was also neutered at the same time. He is recovering well from the surgery. He is a very sweet boy and has a great personality. He loves people and loves being right next to you. His favorite thing is being petted. He hasn’t met a human he didn’t like! We are looking for a foster home (or foster-to-adopt home) with no other pets for Captain at this time. He appears to be house broken and he is very treat motivated so training him with commands should be easy! If you are interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt Captain please let us know!

###Captain is safe now, thanks to our GRRALL Emergency Response Team.  Captain was found as a stray, in dire need of emergency medical care, far more than what the shelter could offer.  The shelter contacted GRRALL and thanks to our phenomenal and dedicated volunteers, Captain was sprung, smothered with kisses, and is now beginning his recovery at our vet.

Captain is a 60 pound very handsome golden mix boy, about seven-years-old.  Captain was found with open wounds on his head and leg, along with some bladder issues.  Captain has obviously been neglected, still intact, not leash trained, in desperate need of some spa time, but is adorably sweet and gentle and so happy to be around caring people.   Captain’s luck has turned, he was saved by GRRALL and most amazing is heartworm negative.   We will update Captain’s progress as he begins to heal.



Hudson – Male – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0757 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 7/2/19: Hudson’s foster mom reports he is a great boy – super loving and very smart. He is finally done with heartworm treatment, she said he was quite the trooper! He loves to do absolutely anything as long as he is with you! He even puts up with her cleaning out his ears as long as she kisses him frequently. He will go into his kennel to relax and chew on a bone, but he does not handle being crated and then left alone. He does much better being free in the house – he doesn’t chew furniture or anything that is not a toy. He gets along fine with the resident dog, she does not suspect he will do great with cats. He is also great with kids! We anticipate he will be at the July 21st Meet and Greet, check out our calendar tab for details.

###Welcome Hudson!  Hudson was surrendered to a small rural shelter for failing to protect the owner’s goats.  Hudson is half bear at 97 pounds but a lover, not an enforcer.   He is heartworm positive and hadn’t been neutered.  Our new boy is about six years old, very sweet, good with kids and other dogs and untested with cats.  Our transport angel said Hudson loves everyone and is a big goofy lover-boy.

Hudson is at our vet now; our amazing volunteers will visit him daily and make sure he knows he has been saved and will be loved and cared for now and forever.    We will post updates as he adjusts to his new and vastly improved life.


Mr. Waffles– Male – 12-years-old – GRRALL #754- AVAILABLE NOW

Update: Mr. Waffles is very friendly and loves to be outside. He definitely has some Great Pyrenees in him, as he is independent and loves to spend time outside. He loves to just hang out and be petted!! He is a total love bug!

###Mr. Waffles is about 12 years old and a bit overweight. He was brought into the shelter as a stray. His owners never came to claim him so a wonderful GRRALL volunteer picked him up. He is quite the handsome gentleman, he rides great in the car and is dog friendly. He is heartworm negative and already neutered. He does have a lump on his belly, just a lipoma. We will post updates as his foster family gets to know him.

mr wafles

Banjo– Male – 2-years-old – GRRALL #753- AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/12/19:  Banjo has completed heartworm treatment, yay! He is not adoption ready yet. He is very fearful and skittish still. He is making great strides in his foster home. Very smart but unsure of people still. He knows his name, is learning sit and walks very well on a leash. He is house broken now and knows how to use the dog door when he wants to go outside. He rides great in the car. His foster family took him on vacation with them. They stayed in a condo for 4 days, he was great. Banjo needs to continue to build his confidence before being adoption ready. He will be going to see a veterinarian behaviorist to assist with his progress. Stay tuned for updates!

###Banjo is about two years old, 60 pounds, he was found at a popular dumping ground by a good Samaritan. They contacted GRRALL and our amazing transport volunteer went and got him. He is very shy at first but will warm up over time. He is a gorgeous boy. Sadly Banjo is heartworm positive and will have to undergo treatment with his foster family. So he will not be adoption ready for 2-3 months. Stay tuned as we watch Banjo’s personality open up while he is with his foster family.


Clarence – Male – 8 years-old – GRRALL #0747 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 5/16/19: Clarence is finally adoption ready. He will be looking for a very special family to adopt him. He is on seizure medication and will need to be kept on this to manage his seizure disorder. Ideally we would love an adopter who is familiar with the care needed for a dog with seizures. Clarence is good with dogs, cats, and kids. He is such a sweet dog! His foster family says he is the best. Clarence, oh so perfectly named is a big, old man, love bug who loves napping and taking short walks. He is a couch potato and can frequently be found laying on the couch hanging out with his foster family. He enjoys his daily rolls in the grass and soaking up the breeze on the deck in the backyard. Clarence doesn’t love being alone, he likes to follow his people around. He is also not fond of the crate, he does well being left in a bedroom of the house with the resident dogs while the foster parents are away. He is quite the foodie though! He loves it!! He will look for it anywhere, even right after his mealtime. He never begs or tries to snag food from his fosters. But if it is left on the counter and reachable, Clarence will get it! He once stole 2lbs of raw chicken off the grill and ate it all! He also enjoys eating the cats food and the resident dogs food! What can we say he loves food!!! He also is quite the chewer, not on furniture but he will shred any toy in 30 seconds, even the “indestructible” kind. He knows basic commands. Clarence’s foster family feel he would do best with a gentle, calm, well behaved dog sibling in his adoptive home. He isn’t one to play with another dog but he enjoys the company and following them around. If you are looking for a super chill old man snuggly companion to love on, this is your guy!

###Update 3/22/19: Clarence is doing really well in his foster home. His foster family can’t say enough good things about him. He went and saw the neurologist this week because he had started experiencing seizures in his foster home. He has started on medication and his foster mom reports he is already acting like he feels so much better. The neurologist suggested Clarence is probably closer to 8 years old, even though our initial vet guesstimated 5.5 years. Stay tuned as we get to know Clarence better!

###Mini Update 3/4/19: Clarence is heartworm negative! Yay! He was neutered last week and had a tumor removed but it is not cancerous. He is recovering now. Stay tuned as we get to know him better.

###Join us in welcoming our new boy Clarence to the GRRALL family. Clarence is about 5.5-years old but may look a bit weathered due to a hard life.  He was rescued from a local shelter; the staff there loved him and said he had the sweetest disposition.  Angel, defender of lost causes, or cartoon optimist, our Clarence is the best of all worlds and we are happy to have him in our pack.

Clarence is at our vet now and already being treated for an infected lip wound and ear infections.  Clarence will receive a thorough exam, heartworm test and prevention, vaccinations, microchip, neuter, and anything else he needs.  Clarence must stay in isolation at the vet for ten days, away from other dogs, to ensure he is healthy after being a stray and spending time at a shelter.  Our amazing volunteers will visit Clarence at the vet and make sure he knows he has been saved and will be loved and cared for now, and forever.    We will update on the status of his heartworm test and when he will be ready for a foster home.


Harley – Male – 7-years-old – GRRALL #0745 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 7/15/19: Harley is heartworm free! He got clearance from the vet today to resume normal activity! YAY! He will be attending our meet and greet on Sunday, check our event tab for details!

Update 7/11/19: Harley is almost through with heartworm treatment! Yay!! We anticipate he will be at the July 21st Meet and Greet, check out our calendar tab for details.

Update 5/13/19: Harley has his first heartworm injection this week. Wish him luck!! This is a tough treatment to have to go through. It could have been prevented with heartworm prevention, but sadly he was not that lucky. Harley is a super sweet boy and is great with every dog he meets. He LOVES to swim and hang out in the pool. We will keep you updated for when Harley will be adoption ready.

###Update 3/22/19: Harley should be called Happy! This boy is just the sweetest dog ever! He LOVES toys, like sooooo much! He hoards them on his dog bed because he can’t decide which one to play with next. Harley gets along with the resident dog in his foster home. He has a long road ahead of him because he needs to go through heartworm treatment but his foster mom says he will be quite the trooper! We will update as he goes through his treatment.

###Mini Update 3/4/19: Harley has been in his foster home for just over a week now. He is a sweet boy and loves being petted. He was neutered at the vet and is recovering. Stay tuned as his foster mom gets to know him better while she takes him through heartworm treatment.

###Harley is riding high and fast from his prior world into the arms of his new GRRALL friends.  Harley is 7 years old, 80 pounds, golden retriever, no prior vet care, not neutered, and not surprising, heartworm positive.   Harley is now at our vet, vaccinated, neuter scheduled, and will start on heartworm treatment soon.    We hope Harley never looks back and now only sees people who truly care about the health, well-being, and happiness of animals.

Harley is a very handsome boy, reported to be kid and female dog friendly.  We will update his personality when he is in a foster home where he will receive attention, good quality food, exercise, and unconditional love.


Izzy –  Female –  6-years-old – GRRALL #0553 – AVAILABLE SOON

Gorgeous Izzy is homeless again, through no fault of her own.  Izzy was adopted at eight weeks old and three years later returned when her humans had a baby.    GRRALL then took Izzy and found her a new home but she is being returned again as her humans don’t have time for her.  We will get Izzy up to date on all her vaccinations and heartworm prevention and a thorough check-up at our vet.

We need a great foster and permanent home for Izzy, where she will finally have consistency and true love.   She is good with other dogs, untested with cats, likes to swim, and good with older kids.  She is a very sweet and loving dog who is loyal to her people, regardless.  She is initially fearful of men and needs some time to know they are good people. Once she learns they are okay she is comfortable and affectionate. Izzy can be a bit anxious in new situations, and who wouldn’t be?   Izzy needs a home without small children as her current owners report she snapped at a toddler; we don’t know the circumstances or if the child was supervised so her new home must be with older kids who are taught how to properly interact with dogs. Let’s help Izzy find her TRUE forever family!


Joy – Female – 8-years-old – GRRALL #0737  – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 3/22/19: Joy is the perfect Netflix and chill dog. She is still looking for her forever home. She is very sweet and gentle. She LOVES food!

###Update 2/5/19: HI THERE! My name is Joy, and I am an  8 year old  Golden Retriever/Great Pyrenees mix. This picture was my first day in my new foster home. Oh so comfy!! I was picked up from the shelter and taken to a nearby vet. It turned out that I had mammary cancer, and I had to have the tumor removed. My foster mom said something about “good margins.” I appear to be cancer-free, but I will need to be scanned again in 3 to 6 months along with weekly tummy rubs to check for any new tumors. I am fairly healthy otherwise, but my hips hurt sometimes. I take something to help with my mobility, and I feel so much better! I am one very laid-back  poocherina  and all I want in life is good head rubs…and belly rubs…and booty scratches. I am very independent, and I like to do my own thing. Anyone is free to pet me at any time, but I don’t demand it. I don’t really like hanging out with my humans, and their house dogs are “meh.” I guess they’re cute? Not as cute as me! I’m looking for a laid-back family who understands that I have a mostly Pyrenees personality. I’m stubborn (so says mom) and I do not do what I’m told just because you asked me to. I do what I want, essentially. I never pee or poop in the house (except for my first night but who can blame a girl? I was nervous!). Kiddos are ok….as long as all they want to do is  stay in the house and play Nintendo . Other dogs are fine too, but I probably won’t interact much with them. Mom says I’m a bit of a diva, but whatever  I AM royalty. Just give me  love and the occasional walk!  OH AND DON’T FORGET THE FOOD. I like food.

###Joy was pulled from the shelter last weekend. She is estimated to be about 8 years old. She was listed as urgent because she had a temperature of 103 and a mammary tumor. One of our volunteers picked her up and took her straight to the vet to get checked out. No pyometra was seen on X-rays the vet thinks she was just in heat. Nothing immediately life threatening. She had at least three known tumors. The vet aspirated other tumors to see what we’re working with. She also has an ear injection that our vet has begun treating. She had surgery Thursday to have the tumors removed and was also spayed. She is doing well and recovering. She will go to her foster home very soon.

Our transporter said Joy is very sweet and laid back. Joy loves to be petted. We will update once we know more about her. If you’d like to help us cover Joy’s medical needs: https://cuddly.com/donate/3184638/joy