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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Wendy – 8 years old – Female – GRRALL #0727 – AVAILABLE SOON

Wendy came to us from the Texarkana shelter. She was seized by authorities because her family left her tethered outside all the time with no sign of water or food. Despite this lack of care, she is an extremely sweet girl. A huge shout out to her transport angel for picking this girl up and delivering her to GRRALL! She is at our vet now getting the care she needs until she is ready to move into a foster home. Paws crossed she is heartworm negative! Stay tuned as we get to know her better.


Butters – Female – 1 year old – GRRALL #0726 – AVAILABLE SOON

Butters is a one year old Golden Pyrenees mix female who was found as a stray. One of our GRRALL volunteers drove to the small town shelter to spring her from doggy jail. She rode great in the car and just wanted to be petted. She is a sweet and friendly girl. Butters is now at our vet getting a full exam, she will be spayed and moved to her foster home. She should be available for adoption soon. Please stay tuned for updates as her foster family gets to know her.


Phoenix – Male – 1 year old – GRRALL #0725 – AVAILABLE SOON

Phoenix is a one year old golden male who was found as a stray. His owners never came to claim him from the shelter so a wonderful GRRALL volunteer dropped everything to save him. Luckily for Phoenix we had a foster home ready for him that day! He is neutered, heartworm negative and up to date on everything now. His foster parents say he is a very sweet boy, enjoys walks and rides in the car. Phoenix is a really great boy for being so young. They are working on crate training and leash pulling while on walks. He should be available for adoption soon once he recovers from his neuter. Please stay tuned for updates as his foster family learns more about him.


Timber – Male – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0243 – AVAILABLE NOW

Welcome Timber, a 6-year old handsome dude looking for a new family to call his own. Timber is a GRRALL dog, adopted four years ago and is now back with us after a change in his family. Timber is big, fluffy, and happy-go-lucky. He is very calm, sweet, loving, and affectionate. Timber is of course house-trained and did well on his own when the humans were at work. Timber is very athletic and likes to go for walks but needs some training; he is a smart boy and will surely improve quickly with a bit of focused effort.

Timber lived with a small dog and gets along with other dogs, no experience with cats, and good with older properly supervised children. Timber doesn’t love going to the vet, but easily managed with patience and planning. Timber has a big bark when he sees people outside but once in the house he just wants to be petted and give kisses.


Hubert – Male – 8-years-old – GRRALL #0723 – AVAILABLE SOON

Hello Hubert! Please welcome Hubert to GRRALL. Our new boy is about 8 years old, 67 pounds, was found as a stray. Hubert wasn’t taken care of properly and is heartworm positive but otherwise appears healthy. He is very sweet and loving and seems to realize his luck has changed, he is looking forward to the next, and best, part of his life. Hubert is at our vet now and will be available for adoption after he recovers from heartworm treatment. Stay tuned for updates on Handsome Hubert!


Maggie – Female – 6 years old – GRRALL #0721 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 10/11/18: Maggie has been in her foster home for almost a week now. She has settled in very nicely except for her interest in the resident cat. Maggie is well-behaved, isn’t left in her crate when her foster family leaves the house and has had no accidents and no misbehavior of any sort. Occasionally when she gets over-excited, she will jump up on the couch or bed but quickly jumps down once instructed to do so. She is very smart and seems to know the difference between right and wrong although the only commands she seems to know are sit and stay. She is a Golden mix but she displays your atypical Golden behaviors, loves to play fetch, loves carrying her toys around the house, loves hiding her treats like rawhide and bones. She would prefer being around people vs. being by herself but not in an overbearing/bothersome kind of way. She doesn’t have thunder phobia. Doesn’t like her paws touched.

Maggie would prefer to be the only pet in the household. Seems to be very good around the 5-year old child in the foster home. Always wagging her tail, sleeps through the night. Loves to exercise and go on walks. All-around just an exceptional dog that will make any family very happy and be a welcomed addition.

###Maggie is a gorgeous 60 pound golden 6-year-old female, surrendered when her human Dad passed away. Mom wants Maggie to be happy again, in a home where the humans are home most of the time and can give precious Maggie the care and attention she deserves. Maggie is great deterrent to unwanted visitors at the door; she makes some pretty incredible un-dog like noises but with her tail wagging; she is always happy to see anyone who walks into the house. Maggie will prefer to be the only dog in the house. It is unknown how she is with cats right now, her foster home has one and they are doing slow introductions as Maggie chased the cat a lot the first day. Maggie will be ready for adoption soon as she is already spayed, vaccinated, and best of all, heartworm negative!


Woody – Male – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0719 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 10/22/18: Woody had a vet check-up this past weekend which went very well! His eyes have cleared most of the infection, and he will stay on eye meds for another month to be safe. The vet says Woody’s skin is doing wonderfully and will heal well over the next 8-12 weeks or so. He has also now been cleared to be neutered. Woody has also gained weight, bringing him closer to a healthy range, and now weighs 62 pounds!

Woody has settled into his foster home and his true personality is beginning to shine! It’s clear to his foster mom that he is starting to feel much better since his rescue! Woody’s fur is starting to return, leaving him velvety soft like a puppy. Speaking of which, Woody has given GRRALL reason to believe he may be much younger than the original guestimate of 6 years old. The vet will provide another estimate in a few more weeks regarding his age, but Woody has begun to display puppy-like mannerisms and run around the house when he catches “the zoomies”. The deplorable condition in which Woody was found makes it difficult to determine his proper age until he has thoroughly recovered.

Woody is surprisingly 100% house-trained, and knows to stand near the front door when he needs to go outside to potty. He is working on learning his commands but is a smart boy and should pick them up quickly. Woody does well with other dogs and shows signs of wanting to play with his foster sister, a mid-size lab. He also seems to follow the guidance of his foster sister and will take interest in what she does. For example, Mom gave both dogs the exact same new toy at the same time, but Woody seemed more curious in watching what his foster sister did with the toy than in playing with his toy himself. Woody also loves to play bite his foster mom and has been lovingly nicknamed “shark boy”. He’s shown limited interest in toys, but is starting to understand they are his to play with. He picked up a stuffed squeaky frog for the first time this past weekend and carried it with him around the house. He also absolutely loves rawhide bones and will hide them for himself to find later if he isn’t in the mood to chew at the moment.

Overall Woody is an adorable fellow with a heart of gold. We’ll provide another update on sweet Woody in the coming weeks!

###Woody was rescued today; our Transport Angel Tricia shed tears of relief and joy knowing he is now safe and on his way to a wonderful life. Woody was loose on the streets for at least two weeks, but based on his skin and other infections he wasn’t cared for or fed properly in quite some time, maybe never. Woody was terrified in the shelter and had to be carried to the car as he was too afraid to walk. He was sweet and loving, not dog reactive, but petrified. Our GRRALL Transport Angel dropped everything and rushed to the shelter to save Woody and bring him to our vet. Luck was finally in Woody’s favor. he was treated immediately and started on pain and other medicines, as well as fed a good meal. Amazing but he is heartworm negative. Woody will remain at the vet for several weeks and when he is healthy enough will be moved to a foster home to continue his treatment and recovery.


Norman – Male – 9 years – GRRALL #0718 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 10/2/18: Norman has been in his foster home for almost a week now. He is getting along well with the resident foster dog. Norman will spend a little time relaxing and getting to know his foster family and then will be begin heartworm treatment.

###Update 9/23/2018: One of our amazing volunteers visited Norm at the vet and he was thrilled for the company. Norm is a very friendly boy, loves people and chew toys and attention. He is already looking and feeling much better than just a few weeks ago when he was rescued from the shelter. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Norm or any GRRALL dog, please apply at: https://grralliance.org/applications/adoption-application/

###Welcome Norman, to GRRALL where everyone knows your name! Our new boy Norm is about 9 years old, a stray who was never claimed. Norm is friendly and sweet, so happy to be saved and receive treatment for his arthritis, eye and ear infections, and hot spots. He is also significantly underweight but we have already started him on healthy food and treats. Norm will stay our vet for a few weeks to treat his pains and start him on the road to recovery. No guarantees in life but we are hopeful Norm has many good years ahead of him, in a permanent home to call his own.


Kevin – Male – 3-years-old – GRRALL #0713 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 9/30/2018: We are doing private meet and greets for potential matches for Kevin If you think you might be a match and have an approved application, let us know by emailing grralladopts@gmail.com

###Update 8/28/18: Kevin, aka Kev, is a curly coated/golden retriever mix. He is a big-time cuddler, kisser, and just loves to have his paw held. He’ll gladly use you as his pillow if you let him sleep in the bed with you, haha. Kevin loves to carry toys in his mouth, almost as reassurance. He especially loves soft stuffed toys with a squeaker in them. He’s very playful and would love someone with the energy to take him on walks and that will play with him and his toys. Kevin is a tad “fluffy” in the waist; however, a good walking/running partner would help those extra 10-15 pounds or so to come right off! Kevin is currently not a fan of male dogs but seems to do well with females, although he might benefit from being an only dog. Kevin’s world has recently flipped upside down, moving from the owners and home he was in for the first 3 years of his life to an apartment with a new owner for a few months, and now in search of another new home due to no fault of his own. Understandably, Kevin is nervous about the multiple changes in his life and is looking for someone patient who can reassure him they won’t leave him again. Kevin does great when left out in the house but gets very nervous when put in a bedroom with the door closed, so he needs a home where he can be allowed to roam during the day. Kevin does not appear to be a fence jumper nor an escape artist, walks fairly well on a leash, and rides very well in a car. Kevin is adoption ready and looking for the perfect match! Could it be you?!

###Handsome Kevin is a big golden boy, almost three years old and 98 pounds! Kevin had been with the same family since he was 13 weeks old but they no longer had time for him. Kevin was lucky to have someone keep him in their apartment for the last few months but he is now past ready for a permanent home and human to call his own. Kevin appears good with female dogs but we don’t know about cats or kids. Kevin is adoption ready, vaccinated and neutered. We will post more about Kevin as we get to know him better.



Aslan – Male – 3-years old – GRRALL #0711 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 10/23/18: Aslan has just over a week left of his heartworm treatment before he gets clearance from the vet to resume normal activity. He has been quite the trooper and is feeling so much better. He loves chewing bones and following his foster mom around. He loves to bark and alert her of anything happening outside. He is a very sweet boy. He does well in the car and at the vet. He gets along with the resident dog but would fine as the only dog too.

###Update 8/30/18: Aslan is 100% a cuddle bug. If you are looking for a dog to cuddle on the couch while you watch Netflix, look no further! Aslan is a shadow and enjoys following his humans around the house. He is very sweet and loves being petted. His fur is oh so soft! He is a petite guy at only 50lbs, most of the weight is his FLUFFY fur. But don’t let his size fool you, he is agile and can jump over baby gates with no hesitation. We are looking for an adoptive home with at least a 5’ fence. Aslan enjoys going for walks and exploring. He gets VERY excited when he sees a bunny. Aslan is great with other dogs. He would do best with another calm dog or a senior dog. Aslan’s fosters are working on teaching him commands like sit and shake as he has no previous training. He is almost house broken, just the occasional marking here and there. He is comfortable in his crate which is good since he will be starting heartworm treatment very soon and have to be kept calm and quiet. Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to Aslan being adoption ready.

###Meet Aslan! Aslan is a handsome three-year old 50-pound golden mix, a very friendly and happy boy. Aslan joins of the growing club of adorable young dogs who found themselves as discarded strays, unneutered, and heartworm positive. Aslan, along with many of our other recent intakes, must now suffer through months of heartworm treatment, all because he wasn’t given a simple and inexpensive monthly prescription preventative.

Aslan is safe now, at our vet, and will be neutered this week. We need a foster or foster-to-adopt for our new guy, to be there for him during heartworm treatment and to start showing him what it means to be a loved and adored family pet. GRRALL pays for all vet and heartworm treatment costs until Aslan receives a clean bill of health, then he can be officially adopted. Stay tuned for updates as we get to know Aslan better.


Brady – Male – 2-years old – GRRALL #0710 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 8/25/18: Brady is a big bundle of energy. He is a playful guy who wants to cuddle too. He is oh so sweet! He is dog friendly but needs a dog companion that can keep up with his playful ways. He is a big guy who doesn’t know his size yet so can knock you over when rushing to get some lovin! He would probably do best in a home with older children so he doesn’t knock the little ones over.

###Welcome Brady! Brady is 2-years old, 65 pounds; a great big cuddly boy. Brady was a stray and never claimed. He needs to be neutered but thankfully is heartworm negative. Brady appears good with both dogs and cats, is friendly and super sweet. This young guy will start his life again, properly this time, as soon as he is neutered. We need a foster or foster-to-adopt for Brady. Stay tuned for updates as we get to know him better.


Dottie – Female – 9 years old – GRRALL #691 – Available Soon

Update 9/5/18: Dottie had a follow up appointment at her dermatologist this week. The dermatologist is thinking food allergy, so she is starting a food trial. Her foster is still doing the last lime sulfur dip next week just to cover the bases, but it’s looking like scabies is not the main culprit when it comes to the itch. The triumph of the day was that she has gained 4 lbs! Woot!
###Update 7/26/18: Dottie saw a specialist yesterday for what we thought was severe allergies. The dermatologist thinks it may be something more, possibly skin cancer. We need to get the infection and bacteria on her skin gone before she can have a biopsy (she’s already been on rounds of antibiotics and other meds and medicated baths, etc.). She’s on new meds and daily treatments now. Please keep this special girl in your thoughts. It’s not fair that she has been through so much neglect and now she might be gravely ill. She deserves better.
###Update 6/21/18: Dottie’s temporary foster home could not part with her so they are now fostering her. She is cat friendly and the sweetest gal despite all the skin issues she has. She had a vet check up this week. She still needs medicated baths twice a week. She is such a loving girl. Stay tuned to watch her progress.
###Update 6/10/2018: Dottie is in a temporary foster home now, and already doing better!
Last week we were contacted by a vet tech who told us that she had a sweet senior Golden whose owner decided to have her euthanized because she couldn’t afford to pay for the allergy testing and care that her dog so badly needed. Thankfully, the owner agreed to surrender the dog to the vet so that she could receive care and have a second chance. Our dedicated volunteers sprang into action and brought this girl into rescue immediately.
Dottie is only 9-years-old. Sadly, in addition to her terrible skin condition and massive ear infections caused by allergies, she is also heartworm positive. We’re heartbroken for her that she has had to endure so much and will have to go through heartworm treatment on top of it all.

Dottie has a long road ahead of her. She has been at our vet since Tuesday, receiving much needed treatments, medicine, medicated baths, and prescription food to get her on the road to healing. She’ll be there for several more days before she’ll be medically stable and healthy enough to head to her foster home, where she’ll be spoiled rotten and continue to receive regular medicated baths. She’s got many vet appointments ahead of her, and depending on how things go, potentially trips to a specialist for her allergies. Once she’s healthy enough and her allergies are under control, she’ll undergo heartworm treatment. She is a loving, sweet girl, with an incredibly gentle personality. She’s already gorgeous in our eyes, but she’ll be stunning once she is feeling 100% again. Our vet’s staff said she has a great appetite in spite of everything else she is going through. She is your typical Golden gal on the inside, but she needs your help to feel like the Golden gal she should be on the outside too!

We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

Please take a minute to support Dottie and her medical needs, or visit her wishlist- there are plenty of things to choose from to help brighten her day. Dottie needs your help to feel like the queen that she is. https://poundwishes.com/donate/2861466/dottie



Knowles – 4 yrs – Male – GRRALL #0601 – AVAILABLE NOW

Knowles is a four-year-old, 60 pound healthy and friendly boy. He has been in boarding way too long and is patiently waiting for an experienced foster or adopter. Another dog in the home is ok but we aren’t sure about cats. Knowles is super friendly, calm, gentle, walks great on a leash, loves to be brushed, rides great in a car, house-trained, and very intelligent. He doesn’t seem too interested in balls or toys but his personality won’t fully develop until he is in his own home.

When Knowles first came to GRRALL we thought he might be dog reactive so to be overly cautious and conservative we only allowed “only pet” homes, but with time and experience we see Knowles is fine around other dogs, with the normal supervision of an experienced dog person on walks and when meeting other dogs. We are offering Knowles adopter in-house training services, paid for by a GRRALL sponsor, to demonstrate our commitment to finding Knowles a home and alleviating any concerns an adopter may have about his behavior around other dogs.