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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Pinto – Female – 4-year-old – GRRALL #0686 – ADOPTION READY

Meet Pinto, a 60 pound 4-year old female golden/Great Pyr mix, found as a stray and never claimed. Our volunteers saw Pinto when they rescued Georgie and went back to the shelter to save her also. Pinto is gorgeous, very sweet, appears good with both cats and dogs, and thankfully is heartworm negative. Whew. Our new little lady will receive a full exam, spay, and then be ready for her new life. We will update as we learn more about our new girl.

Georgie – Male – 6-year-old – GRRALL #0685 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 5/9/18: Georgie is cat friendly! The resident cat in his foster home and him get along well. He is learning what it is like to live inside the home for once. His foster family will help Georgie gain weight and then take him through his heartworm treatment.

###Whew! Meet Georgie, a 6-year old male golden/Great Pyr mix, surrendered to a rural shelter yesterday, given only hours to live due to overcrowding. Our team of amazing golden-hearted volunteers sprang into action immediately to save this boy, it was close but they rescued him and Georgie starts his life again, the right way this time.

Georgie has beautiful fur and coloring which hid his 55 pounds of flea invested skin and bones. He is low-grade heartworm positive. Georgie is now vaccinated, neutered, and at first glance appears relatively healthy despite his dreadful living conditions. He spent his entire life living outside, never again for our boy Georgie.

Georgie’s rescue angel has already given him a much-needed bath and lovingly transported him to our vet. Georgie will receive a thorough exam and start immediately on high quality food and snacks. Georgie is as sweet as can be, gets along well with other dogs, handsome with

Jonas – Male – 2.5-year-old – GRRALL #0684 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/16/18: Jonas loves to play with the resident dogs in his foster home. He does not know dog manners yet and just wants to keep playing. He is such a sweet boy. His foster parensts say he is a very easy boy. He has not had any seizures since arriving in his foster home. Yay!

###Jonas is a gorgeous fluffy 2.5-year-old golden mix boy, brought to the shelter when he started having seizures and his elderly owner was unable to care for him. The shelter reached out to GRRALL and within hours, our volunteer was at the shelter to save Jonas. We have amazing supporters who will drop everything to rescue a dog, and many experienced in caring for dogs with seizures. Many of these special pups can live long and happy lives with the proper care and attention.

Jonas is still a big happy puppy. He rides well in the car, neutered, housebroken, and owner reports he is good with kids and dogs, with a sweet and loving personality. Our Jonas is 58 pounds, a bit chunky for his frame so we see some green beans and routine exercise in his future.

Jonas will receive a full examination at our vet and then move to a foster home with someone ready to take on the challenge of fostering our adopting a boy who needs some extra special attention.

Brownie – Female – One-year-old – GRRALL #0683 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/16/18: Brownie was spayed today and has been in her foster home for just over a week. She is settling in just fine. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house.

###Brownie is an adorable one-year-old pocket Golden, weighing in at only 32 pounds. The owners took Brownie and two other dogs to the shelter as they were chasing the neighbor’s goats. Our Brownie will now only chase balls and other frolicking dogs in her new life! The volunteer who transported Brownie from the shelter said she was super sweet, loves to be pet, and gives lots of kisses. She needs basic leash training but is a smart girl and will learn quickly. Brownie is at our vet for a full medical and spa work-up and spay. Thankfully Brownie is heartworm negative. We are looking for a great foster home for our new little girl.


Abby – Female – 9-years-old – GRRALL #0682 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/7/18: Abby is doing great in her foster home. She gets along with the resident dog. She loves people and is the sweetest gal. Her foster mom feels she would do best as an only dog, or with another senior dog like herself because the young wild dogs are too much for her. Her foster mom also thinks she would be fine with cats as well since she is very chill.

###Abby is an adorable 40-pound “pocket golden”, about 9 years old, sweet and adorable! Abby was a stray and never claimed. She was dirty and matted and first stop was the beauty parlor and now she is a golden princess. Our gorgeous girl is heartworm negative and spayed. Abby is a friendly and happy girl and will make some lucky adopter a loyal companion for life. Abby needs a foster home so please see if you can open your home and heart to our new girl. 

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Duke – Male – 11-years-old – GRRALL #0681 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/5/18: Duke has gone to his foster home and his foster family reports he is a sweetheart. Duke is very easy going and does great with crate training. He walks well on a leash and doesn’t pull at all. He doesn’t really pay attention to Bella, the resident dog. He doesn’t engage her when she growls at him, Bella is a very alpha female. Duke seems to be submissive and respect Bella’s home. He knows sit and can shake with both paws. He’s a smart dude! He is very spunky and active for his estimated age. Duke will be at the May 19th meet and greet looking for his forever home! Might that be you?

###Duke is in good hands now! This 11-year-old pup was found as a stray and his “owners” were called several times and opted to abandon him. The shelter thinks Duke is 11 but he looks and acts quite a bit younger. Duke is super sweet, friendly, rode great in car, heartworm negative, and was very happy to be saved. So far we think Duke is good with other dogs, children, and cats, we will update as we get to know this boy better. Duke deserves an adopter who will protect and care for him forever, as a loved family member.

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Dodger – Male – 2 years old – GRRALL #0680 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/3/18: Dodger got neutered this week and is sporting the cone of shame for his recovery. He is still a very happy jumpy boy. He is very smart and learning fast. He loves his people. He is crate trained and house broken. He loves going on walks but needs help learning not to pull. Dodger enjoys having his foster fur brother to play with. We anticipate Dodger will be at the 5/19 meet and greet.

Dodger Update 4/21/2018: Dodger is really a stunning boy, gorgeous. He is way too thin, almost emaciated at 40 pounds when his ideal weight is 55 lbs. His prior diet was garbage food and not enough of it so his foster Mom has already started him on a high quality nutritious diet, with lot of extra healthy treats, to safely increase his weight. We were beyond thrilled to find out he is heartworm negative, he was quite the lucky boy. 

Dodger has also proven himself to be quite the athlete, despite his undernourished state. He needs a tall fence to keep this part kangaroo safely enclosed. Ideally 7 foot plus!
Dodger is a gorgeous 2-year-old boy, surrendered by his humans who were unable to care for him. Dodger’s Mom was a golden and Dad was a Great Pyrenees, a perfect combination! Dodger is house-trained, great with other dogs, good with kids but too rambunctious for young children, very playful, knows basic commands, and is an all-around good boy, according to his prior owners. Our boy needs to gain at least 15 pounds; he is only 40 pounds and should be at least 55 pounds. Dodger will require a home with at least a 7’ fence as he is a high jumper and demonstrated he can easily vault over a 4’ fence and can grab the top of a 6’ fence easily when another dog is on the other side barking at him. We will post more about Dodger after he moves into a foster home and we get to know him better.

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Sugar – Female – 6 months old – GRRALL #0678 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/3/18: Sugar is doing really great in her new foster home! She is so calm and sweet!!
She is eating well and goes to the back door when she needs to go outside. Sugar is doing well with crate training but would really like to just be beside you!! She walks easy on her leash and really enjoys our daily walks. She is friendly to people & other dogs on our walks. Calm and gentle around our young grandchildren. Learning to sit on command and fetch her tennis ball in her goofy adorable way! Everything seems to be new to Sugar- car rides, playing with toys, laying in the grass in the backyard, watching the birds & squirrels! When something is new, she is timid & a little cautious but a reassuring word of encouragement is all she needs. She learns quickly and just wants to please her people!! She was a “counter surfer” at first but now sits and lays patiently on the floor for her food bowl. Her foster home has a swimming pool, but she has not shown any interest other than curiosity.

###Say hello to our new puppy, Sugar. She is about 6-months old, a beautiful golden/Great Pyrenees mix, taken to a high kill shelter by owners who were not allowed to keep dogs in their apartment. Sugar is spayed and overall appears to be a typical happy and goofy puppy. She is being treated for an upper respiratory infection and will be available for adoption as soon as she recovers. 

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Daisy May – Female – 9 years old – GRRALL #0677 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/3/18: Daisy May had her vet check up today for her booster shots and to have her ears rechecked. She lost 5lbs! She is learning what it is like to be on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Daisy May is a total sweetheart!

Daisy May is a gorgeous 9 year-old girl, surrendered when her family moved and could not take her with them. Daisy is good with other dogs, sweet, with a friendly and happy attitude. Daisy is now up to date on her vaccinations, heartworm negative, and being treated for the usual golden ear infections. Daisy is 101 pounds and should be about 60 pounds. She is in a great foster home, with Ambassador Sanders, and has already started on her vet supervised slim-down program, including routine exercise. We are looking for a permanent home with someone who will shower Daisy with love, attention, and exercise and continue her new healthy lifestyle.

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Winnie – Female – 2 years – GRRALL #0675- AVAILABLE SOON

Winnie Update 4/13/2018: During Winnie’s heartworm X-ray the vet spotted a “U” shaped wire lodged in her chest that needed to be removed immediately. Fortunately, the surgery was a success and we are so glad the wire was found and removed before it could do serious damage to our girl. Winne is heartworm positive, but a low grade so less difficult to treat. She went to her foster home today where she will stay while she goes through heartworm treatment and heals from surgery. Once her treatments are complete she will be able to fine her forever home and live happily the rest of her life. We will post updates on Winnie’s progress as she starts to heal.

###Welcome Winnie! Winnie is about 2 years old, 45 pounds, and a heart of gold. Winnie was a stray and never claimed; an amazing volunteer at the shelter agreed to transport her to GRRALL to save her life. Winnie is great with people, dogs, and probably cats. The staff at the shelter all adored her and we are thrilled to have her join the GRRALL family. Winnie is at our vet now getting a full checkup. Hopefully our new little angel will be heartworm negative and be available for adoption very soon. We will post more info as we get to know Winnie better.

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Romeo – Male – 1 year – GRRALL #0674 – ADOPTION READY

Update 5/6/18: Romeo is absolutely the sweetest boy. Complete puppy however so eager to please. He is extremely intelligent and knows several commands already. He loves playing with his stuffed animals or chasing a ball. His favorite though is when he plays tag with his human brother. At the end of the day he loves to jump up on the bed for evening snuggles. Romeo is not a fan of thunderstorms, poor guy. His foster family said he is absolutely a joy and a vibrant puppy that they love spending time with.

###Update 4/26/18: Romeo is in his foster home! We will update as we get to know him better.

###Update 4/19/18: Romeo got neutered last week. He is at the vet recovering while we search for his foster home. We are looking for a foster home with no other pets right now. One of our volunteers went to visit Romeo today to get some pictures and videos of him. She said he was a DOLL! Romeo is your typical happy golden, very playful, and energetic. He needs some training but he is incredibly sweet.
Romeo is a one-year old male, found as a stray and never claimed. He is about 65 pounds, handsome, sweet, and very strong. Romeo is typical big boy golden – energetic and excited about everything. We are looking for a foster or adopter with no cats who is willing and able to handle a strong dog and provide him some training. We will post more about this gorgeous pup as we get to know him better. 

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Murphy – Male – 10 years – GRRALL #0672 – AVAILABLE SOON

4/12/2018: Murphy Update: Big boy Murphy saw our vet and started on pain meds; he is already starting to feel better. Years of neglect have taken a toll on our sweet boy and he needs a very special home with people who have the ability and interest to provide proper care for him. Murphy has arthritis, skin and ear infections, hair loss, bumps being tested, a lingering cough, areas of concern in the throat seen with X-rays, and elbows rubbed raw to the point they are bleeding. Murphy is in good spirits and has grown accustomed to his constant pain and discomfort. Our first priority, now underway, is to alleviate or reduce any pain and improve his overall health with vet care, meds, nutritious food, exercise, and maybe most important lots of TLC.

### Welcome Murphy!  Murphy is about 10 years old and 95 pounds.  Heartbreaking this boy was likely dumped as too old or too big but he is a GRRALL pup now and we will find him the best permanent home possible, as a loved family member.   Murphy knows he was saved and gave our transport volunteer a huge smile on their freedom ride out of the shelter.  Murphy will receive a thorough exam and move into a foster home.  He is heartworm negative! Yay! We will post more about  Murphy as we get to know him better.

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Belle – Female –1 year old – GRRALL #0670 – ADOPTION READY

Mini Update 3/22/18: Belle is heartworm negative!!!

Introducing Belle! Our newest beauty is about 10-12 months old, 50 pounds, and so happy to have been saved from the shelter. Our fantastic transport volunteer said Belle is an angel who LOVES women. Baby Belle tried to climb into the lap of three different women at the vet’s office; she is a realcuddler and wants to be as close to you as possible. Belle didn’t seem too familiar with car rides so for now will do best in a crate or with a human to help her until she understands car rides now mean good things! Belle will receive a thorough vet exam and some spa time and then be ready for adoption. We will post more about Belle as we get to know her better. 

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Arthur – Male – 2 years – GRRALL #0668- AVAILABLE SOON

Update 4/27/18: Sir Arthur is doing very well! He is the center of attention wherever he goes. People continuously comment on his adorable face and extremely goofy personality. His foster mom reports he is a total love bug. She went out of town for a few days and boarded him with one of our partner veterinarians during her absence. When she picked him up upon her return he was full of cheek kisses and tail wags!

Arthur does very well with female dogs but needs to be tested with male dogs. He would love a home with another dog to play with or an active and engaged family member who would play with him and his toys. Arthur may be 2 years old but he has the personality and energy of a young puppy! He is also extremely athletic and can jump very high, so he needs a secure, 6ft+, fenced-in backyard to ensure his safety. Arthur is good with children, but probably would do best in a home with children ages 8+ because he does not know his own strength.

Arthur completed his first round of heart worm treatment on April 12th and will go in for the second/final round of treatment on May 10th. We’ll provide another update once Arthur completes his second round of HW treatment.

Update 3/22/18: Arthur is settling into his foster home. He is a SUPER sweetheart. He has been stuck to his foster mom like Velcro every day. All he wants is to be with his human and of course to give/receive love and affection. He’s mostly housebroken but has had some accidents. He is very smart and will pick this up in no time. He takes treats VERY gently even though he has a huge head and mouth. He doesn’t know how to read other dogs just yet, the resident dog doesn’t want to play but Arthur will run at her trying to play anyway. He has a strong prey drive for squirrels. His foster is working on his leash pulling. Also, he is part kangaroo, he will get on his hind legs and hop to try to get to a squirrel if he sees one, haha! Arthur’s adoptive home will need at least a 6ft fence. He does very well in a crate; whines at first but settles down after a while. Loves squeaky toys, rawhide bones, and he was even playing with a rope toy that has knots on both ends.

We will keep you updated as he goes through heartworm treatment.

Arthur’s luck has changed; the shelters are overflowing and he was literally saved in the nick of time thanks to a transport volunteer who dropped everything to pick him up before too late. This very handsome young boy is about 2 years old, 70 pounds, gorgeous eyes, super friendly, gets along well with other dogs, rides great in the car, loves to be scratched, likes toys and treats, and very happy to be alive. Arthur is also heartworm positive and will have to endure months of difficult treatment all because he was not given a monthly preventative.

Our new boy will receive a thorough vet exam before he starts his heartworm treatment and will be available for adoption once he receives a clean bill of health. We will provide updates on his health and personality as we get to know him better.

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Sheldon – Male –2 years old – GRRALL #0667 ADOPTION READY

Update 3/8/18: Hi my name is Sheldon! I’m 2 yrs old and weigh 42 pounds but my foster mama says I’m going to fill out and could weigh 50 pounds because I love to eat. I also love to play, especially with my foster brother Mikey who for soooo long has really needed a brother he trusted; someone his own age and size, that can teach him how to play and walk on leash. I’m such a friendly guy but I also understand other dogs and people too; my foster mama thinks I’m a wise young sage. I love to be near my family and I’m very smart and eager to please! I know my basic commands and I walk well on the leash. I’m good with dogs, cats, and kids too!


Welcome Sheldon! This super handsome two year-old boy was rescued by a Good Samaritan who took care of him for a month. Sheldon is the best all worlds, good with kids, cats, and dogs! Super-duper adorable. Sheldon will receive a thorough exam at our vet; we know he is heartworm negative, about 45lbs and neutered. We will update you on his personality as we get to know him better, but he will make a wonderful pet for some lucky adopter.

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Finnegan – Male –9 years old – GRRALL #0665 – AVAILABLE SOON

4/16/18 Update: Finnegan has lost 10lbs and should be cleared to start his heartworm treatment soon.
3/31/18 Update: Finnegan needed to loose a little bit of weight before he could start his heartworm treatment. He should be starting treatment soon. He is still a big boy but healthier. His foster parents report he is a Velcro dog and follows them everywhere. Finn is very sweet. He is learning manners and is almost 100% house broken.
3/18/2018 Update: Poor Finnegan tested positive for heartworms, yet another dog who must endure months of difficult treatment because he wasn’t given a simple heartworm preventative. He is doing great though, in a home now and his Foster Mom days he is big, drooly, goofy, and very sweet. This handsome young guy is just a thrilled to be out of the shelter and is just so happy to be alive with love and attention. We will keep posted on Finnegan’s status.

Welcome Finnegan! Finnegan is an extremely handsome golden boy, about 9 years old; dumped at a high kill shelter. An amazing volunteer drove hours to pick Finnegan up from the shelter, and both had huge grins of happiness as they made their freedom ride back to the DFW area. Finnegan is a big boy at 91 pounds, sweet, gentle, and grateful to be saved.Finnegan will receive a thorough medical exam and heartworm test at our GRRALL vet. Paws crossed this gentle giant is heartworm negative. We will update about Finnegan as we get to know him better.

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Cowboy – Male – 4 years old – GRRALL #0664 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 3/10/18: Cowboy is a gorgeous dog. He has the coloring of both a Golden and an Australian Shepard with gold, red, brown, and white all throughout his coat. So many people just stop his foster mom and comment on how pretty he is. He is just as pretty on the inside. He is calm and very loving, loves attention and takes his treats very gently. His foster family is working on basic commands, and he is so eager to please. He loves to walk and does pretty well on a leash. Cowboy is great with other dogs and loves people. He hasn’t been tested around cats or kids, but I imagine he would be great with kids too, especially older kids. The poor guy has to endure Heartworm treatments and then be neutered, so he has a few rough months ahead before he will be 100% healthy and ready to find his perfect home.  Cowboy is a great dog and will make some lucky family a wonderful pet. His foster family loves him and are so excited for him to find a family all his own.

Welcome Cowboy! Cowboy is about 4-years old, 54 pounds, reddish-brown, and the best mix of golden and something cute! Cowboy was discarded by his owners at a high kill shelter as he is heartworm positive. Lucky for Cowboy some great volunteers jumped into action to save him before the deadline, and he is now with GRRALL, ready to start his life anew. Cowboy will receive a thorough medical exam and treatment for heartworm disease; an easily avoided condition if given a routine prescription preventative.

Cowboy is good with other dogs, calm, and very sweet. He is a gorgeous dog and ready to be healthy and a loved permanent family member. We will update Cowboy once we get to know him better.

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Shelby – Female – 10-years-old – GRRALL #0660 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 3/15/18: Shelby is almost at a healthy weight! Her foster parents have been working very hard to get her there. Soon she will be ready to start her heartworm treatment. Shelby’s foster Dad had a doggy dna test done, she is 5/8 lab, 1/4 golden and 1/8 supermutt.

Welcome Shelby! Shelby is about 10 years-old, heartworm positive and extremely emaciated at 43 pounds, at least twenty pounds underweight. Despite being scared Shelby happily went to our transport volunteers, grateful to be saved, and hopefully get a decent meal. Shelby’s teeth show excessive wear so unbearable to imagine what she had been attempting to eat to keep herself alive. Shelby is at our vet now, starting her recovery process. She will receive a full check-up and proper care to build up her weight before heartworm treatment can even start. We are looking for a very special foster home for Shelby, ideally a foster-to-adopt home to minimize stress, and ensure Shelby can stay with the same people throughout her long recovery and then be adopted. Shelby is a sweet, gorgeous, and friendly girl who deserves a shot at a better life. Stay tuned for updates about our special girl.

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Mikey – Male – 1.5 years – GRRALL #0644 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update May 2018: Mikey has made some huge progress with his current foster family. We are looking to adopt him and his foster brother Sheldon as a pair. If you are interested in adopting both boys please let us know.

Update 12/22/17: Mikey has been in his new foster home for 3 weeks now. He was moved to be with another dog so that he could learn how to trust his humans. Mikey has made some great progress and plays with his foster fur sibling. He is slowly bonding with his fosters. Mikey has had a tough road but things are looking up.

Update 12/10/2017: We are so happy Mikey is in a wonderful foster home, and in just one week has made great progress. He is a bit wary but will allow himself to be petted. He likes to be in close proximity to his foster Mom, at her feet, or next to her, or underneath her side of the bed. He hasn’t yet agreed to take treats directly from his foster parents, but does have a good appetite, which is always a great sign. Mikey gets along well with his nine-pound canine foster brother, and they have started to play together. Mikey has had no accidents in the house or problems outside. Mikey is in a good place and we are all so hopeful he will learn to trust again and become more comfortable around humans.

Update 11/4/2017: Mikey is in a foster home and doing great. He is completely house-broken and crate trained. He sleeps in his crate at night with the door shut and he hangs out in his crate for a few hours during the day with the door open. He has not displayed any destructive behavior, amazing for such a young dog who has already been through so much. Mikey is still adjusting to life outside the shelter and is a bit fearful He LOVES being outside and is quite the happy fellow when out in nature. He is still quite terrified of the leash so for now he needs a home with a year and very patient humans who can help him overcome his fear of the leash so he can enjoy walks and trips out in the car. He will do best with another dog in the house, a confident dog who can show Mikey the ropes on what it is to be a loved and adored permanent family member.
Mikey came to us as a stray from a local shelter. He’s a smaller guy at just around 40 lbs. He’s in good health and heartworm negative. Mikey is a shy boy who was absolutely terrified at the shelter and seems to have no experience with a leash. He needs a calm, quiet home with people who can show him patience and gentleness as he learns to trust humans. We suspect that with love and time he will blossom into a loyal and loving companion. GRRALL has seen many dogs like Mikey come into rescue afraid and uncertain and then absolutely transform once they feel safe and learn that humans can be trusted.

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Sophie – Female – 4 years old – GRRALL #0615

Sophie is about 4 years old and heartworm negative. She is full grown and about 45 pounds. We are looking for a home with no other dogs and with children over 13. Sophie is very sweet and friendly. She enjoys lounging in the backyard soaking up the sun and just being by your side. Sophie would do best in a home with her own yard. We are looking for an adopter who will provide her th
e love and care she deserves for the rest of her life, as well as someone who is willing and able to help her gain some confidence, as she can be a bit nervous about large trucks and other dogs.

Calvin – Male – 3 years old – GRRALL #0609 – AVAILABLE SOON

Calvin is a fantastic looking 3-year-old cream colored 67 pound Golden mix. Just look at those ears! He is house-trained, crates easily, and loves to play fetch and swim. He is smart and treat driven. He knows basic commands, so a calm and patient adopter could probably train Calvin much further.

Calvin startles easily at noises and needs someone who is willing to take it slow and work with him to overcome his fears. He will do best in a quiet home as an only pet, no young children, and no apartments, as Calvin can be vocal. An experienced dog owner would be a real plus for him.

Calvin likes being around his people and will follow you around because he wants to know where you are all the time. He is happy to be lying on the floor by your feet. Calvin really enjoys tennis balls and playing fetch and tug of war. It’s such a delight to see him running around, playing and happy, a far cry from when GRRALL rescued him from a shelter. He also loves to swim so a pool would be a nice bonus.

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