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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Taz – Male– 6-years old – GRRALL #0707

Update 7/11/18: Taz is not surprisingly heartworm positive so it will be a few months before he is ready to be adopted. So sad that a simple monthly prevention was not given to a dog that was used for breeding. Welcome to your new life Taz, nothing but good things from here on out!

###Taz is a handsome 6-year old golden boy, surrendered with two other breeder dogs. GRRALL also saved a 9-year-old heartworm positive dog from the same house back in January who is just now finishing heartworm treatment and still needs surgery to remove a mass and then be spayed. All three new dogs are safe now, bathed, treated for fleas, and will be vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested, and spayed/neutered.


Lilly – Female – 3-years old –GRRALL #0706

** Update 7/10/2018: Amazing but great news, Lilly is heartworm negative!! Working on the fleas and other vermin but healthy enough for her spay to be done on July 12.

Lilly is a 3-year-old golden girl, surrendered with two other breeder dogs. GRRALL also saved a 9-year old heartworm positive dog from the same house back in January who is just now finishing heartworm treatment and still needs surgery to remove a mass and then be spayed. All three new dogs are safe now, bathed, treated for fleas, and will be vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested, and spayed/neutered.


Harley – Female– 14-months old – GRRALL #0705

** Update 7/10/2018: Amazing but great news, Harley is heartworm negative!! Working on the fleas and other vermin but healthy enough for her spay to be scheduled on July 12. This 14 month old puppy is finished with her baby making days!

###Harley is a 14-month old sweet golden girl who already had a litter of puppies. She was surrendered with two other breeder dogs. GRRALL also saved a 9-year old heartworm positive dog from the same house back in January who is just now finishing heartworm treatment and still needs surgery to remove a mass and then be spayed. All three new dogs are safe now, bathed, treated for fleas, and will be vaccinated, microchipped, heartworm tested, and spayed/neutered.


Lexi – Female – 2-years old – GRRALL #0704

Lexi is a gorgeous 55 pound 2-year old golden. She is an owner surrender but was well cared for, including heartworm prevention. She is heartworm negative. Lexi is very sweet and loves attention, she is not a fan of cats or big dogs but gets along great with small pups. Lexi is still a big puppy and needs to be closely watched as she enjoys chewing, especially shoes, sunglasses, and plastics. Lexi is high energy but is very calm and compliant on a leash. Foster Mom is house-training Lexi now and all is going well. Lexi will be spayed prior to adoption. Stay tuned for more info about our sweet little beauty Lexi.


Dillon – Male – 12-years old – GRRALL #0703

7/10/2018 Update; Our beautiful boy is hanging in there and at least a million times better shape than when we pulled him from the shelter. Dillon is still at the vet hospital, most of the fleas and ticks are gone, and he was dewormed. He is anemic but now on iron supplements. He cannot see very well but knows people are around and that he is being loved and given the very best care possible. He started on a NSAID for his arthritis and we are really hoping it helps Dillon to feel more comfortable. He continues to improve a tiny bit at a time but we will be looking for a “permanent foster” for Dillon. GRRALL will be responsible for his ongoing care but he live out his remaining dogs with a family who will love and cherish him.

###Have you ever thought about the person who transports a dog from squalid conditions, and never once complains despite hardly being able to breath from the smell? Well, once again thanks to our amazing volunteer Tricia another dog was saved. Our newest boy is Dillon, about 12 years old, who went directly from Tricia’s car to the bath at the vet. Dillon was found as a stray, a very sweet and docile senior boy, about 40 pounds. We don’t know how long he was on his own or if this was how he lived at his “home”. Dillon will get a thorough exam and immediately start on medications to help ease his arthritis. Amazing but he tested heartworm negative. Dillon is now safe, inside, less stinky, fed, and most important loved. We are looking for a foster or foster-to-adopt home for Dillon where he can live out the rest of his life as an adored and cherished family member.


June – Female – 4-years old – GRRALL #0702 – AVAILABLE SOON

Gorgeous June is about 4-6 years old, abandoned by her owners. She wandered the streets for at least a week until a Good Samaritan stepped up to help her. GRRALL’s amazing transport volunteer Tricia scooped up June on her way to save another dog and she is now safe, clean, and fed. June will visit the vet next week, get a full work-up, including heartworm, and spay status. June is a sweet and loving girl, good with dogs and kids, not sure about cats yet.


Cash – Male – 1-year old – GRRALL #0701– AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/5/2018: Cash saw the vet today and best news ever, he is heartworm NEGATIVE. We are beyond thrilled as majority of our new intakes, regardless of age or circumstance, have been heartworm positive. Cash is about 10-14 months old, 61 pounds, now microchipped and fully vaccinated, started on his heartworm preventative, and neuter scheduled. Cash is full of energy and wants to please.

###Cash is dog friendly, loves to play, and loves toys and bones. He is sweet, cuddly, crate trained, walks well on leash, treat driven, knows sit and down, rides well in the car, and is not a counter surfer. The Good Samaritan who found Cash has four boys and he did great with them. He was cat tested at the vet, he sniffed the cat’s paw, whined but seemed cat friendly when the cat jumped down and walked around the room.


Leo – Male – 4-years old – GRRALL #0700- AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/11/18: Leo is heartworm negative and scheduled to be neutered soon. He is settling into his foster home. He is a very sweet boy. He enjoys swimming and is enjoying being the center of attention for once.

###Welcome Leo! Leo is a stunning 4-year old golden boy, surrendered by a family who loved and cared for him but didn’t have time to give him the life and attention he deserved. He is good with kids and other dogs but no experience with cats. He loves to go for walks. Leo will be neutered and then ready for adoption. We will post more about Leo as he adjusts to his foster home.


Sammy – Male – 2.5-years old – GRRALL #0699 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 7/3/2018: I’m Sammy and I’m a 2.5 year old 85lb golden boy who loves to cuddle and go on walks! I am leash trained and know some basic commands like sit and lay down however I’m still working on my potty training skills and learning how to do ‘gentle’ with cookies. But I’m a quick study! I would probably do best in a home where I am the only dog and can get lots of hugs and kisses all the time as I can sometimes be a little territorial when it comes to attention and toys with other dogs. However, I’d be great with kids as I love to be petted and cuddle all the time.

My favorite things to do include cuddling on the couch with my foster sisters, chewing nylabones all day long, sitting in my foster mom’s lap as well as following her everywhere she goes in the house. I have major FOMO (fear of missing out). Also I’m a great sleeper throughout the night and love to cuddle up in my crate with a blanket or two as long as it’s in the same room as you. My amazing foster Mom had me professionally groomed and then got me some snazzy bandana’s; I ‘m one handome dude!


Scout – Male – 4 years old – GRRALL #0698 – AVAILABLE SOON

Scout update 7/3/2018: Poor sweet Scout is still at the vet. He definitely has an upper respiratory infection and is pretty sick and feeling down, but at least he is in the best possible place, great care and in the a/c with food and humans to help him get better. Some of our amazing volunteers are making Scout home chicken and rice and will visit him at the vet to try and encourage him to eat, while making she he gets hugs and kisses. Think good thoughts for our boy Scout!
Welcome Scout! Scout is about 4-years old and he finally had his lucky day! A volunteer went to the shelter to get a different dog, and left with Scout! This handsome young man was adopted but then returned to the shelter as he had an upper respiratory infection. Scout is now getting a full check-up at our vet and will be ready for his foster home soon. He is as sweet as can be and looking forward to starting the rest of his life, as a permanent and loved family member. We will post more about Scout as we get to know him better.


Wally (Wallace) – Male – 8 years old – GRRALL #0697 – AVAILABLE SOON

Welcome Wally to GRRALL! Wally is a golden boy, about 8-years old, found as a stray and never claimed. The shelter was full and Wally was put on the euthanasia list but a wonderful volunteer dropped everything and ran to the shelter to pick him up, and even keep him until there is space at the vet. Not surprising Wally is heartworm positive, all because he wasn’t given a simple and inexpensive monthly preventative. Our new boy Wally is safe now, fed and bathed, and resting comfortably with a full belly and an extra dose of kisses and TLC. Wally will receive a thorough medical exam and then start his heartworm treatment when he is healthy enough. We will post more about Wally as he get to know him better.


Logan – Male – 2 years old – GRRALL #0696 – AVAILABLE SOON

Logan is a stunning 2-year old 55 pound male golden, surrendered to a shelter covered in fleas and ticks, a big gaping sore near his neck, and heartworm positive. The shelter is at capacity and Logan was scheduled to be euthanized but thankfully we were able to save him. Logan has already been bathed several times and most of the critters removed and is already feeling better. Just like all the others rescued lately this young boy must endure heartworm treatment, and will then be ready for adoption. If you are interested in fostering Logan through his heartworm treatment please let us know, we would love to talk to you about the process. We will keep you posted on Logan’s progress and his journey to health, happiness, and a permanent home with people who will love and cherish him forever.


Libby – Female – 11 years old – GRRALL #0695 – AVAILABLE  NOW

Welcome Libby! Libby is a gorgeous 11-year old golden, surrendered by a family who did not have time to take care of her properly. Libby is an adorable girl and will make some lucky adopter a wonderful companion. She is heartworm negative and healthy. We will update more on Libby after we get to know her better.


Pixie – Female – 7-months old – GRRALL #0693 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 6/21/18: Pixie super sweet and calm for the puppy she is. She is great on a leash. Just within 24hours is learning to sit! She’s a smart one. Very treat motivated. She loves the bed and jumps right up! She is not a fan of the crate but her fosters are working with her to be comfortable. So far no accidents in the house, she seems to know to go outside. She wants to play with other dogs and of course good with kids!
Welcome Pixie! This adorable 7-month old golden mix puppy was found as a stray and never claimed. Pixie is very sweet, seems good with other dogs, and curious about cats. Our new little girl is at our vet now for her post shelter isolation boarding and should be available for adoption in a few weeks. We will keep you posted on Pixie as we get to know her better.


Dottie – Female – 9 years old – GRRALL #691 – Available Soon

Last week we were contacted by a vet tech who told us that she had a sweet senior Golden whose owner decided to have her euthanized because she couldn’t afford to pay for the allergy testing and care that her dog so badly needed. Thankfully, the owner agreed to surrender the dog to the vet so that she could receive care and have a second chance. Our dedicated volunteers sprang into action and brought this girl into rescue immediately.
Dottie is only 9-years-old. Sadly, in addition to her terrible skin condition and massive ear infections caused by allergies, she is also heartworm positive. We’re heartbroken for her that she has had to endure so much and will have to go through heartworm treatment on top of it all.

Dottie has a long road ahead of her. She has been at our vet since Tuesday, receiving much needed treatments, medicine, medicated baths, and prescription food to get her on the road to healing. She’ll be there for several more days before she’ll be medically stable and healthy enough to head to her foster home, where she’ll be spoiled rotten and continue to receive regular medicated baths. She’s got many vet appointments ahead of her, and depending on how things go, potentially trips to a specialist for her allergies. Once she’s healthy enough and her allergies are under control, she’ll undergo heartworm treatment. She is a loving, sweet girl, with an incredibly gentle personality. She’s already gorgeous in our eyes, but she’ll be stunning once she is feeling 100% again. Our vet’s staff said she has a great appetite in spite of everything else she is going through. She is your typical Golden gal on the inside, but she needs your help to feel like the Golden gal she should be on the outside too!

We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

Please take a minute to support Dottie and her medical needs, or visit her wishlist- there are plenty of things to choose from to help brighten her day. Dottie needs your help to feel like the queen that she is. https://poundwishes.com/donate/2861466/dottie


Scott- Male – 7.5 years old – GRRALL #0690 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 6/21/18: Scott moved to a new foster home this week that can safely take him through heartworm treatment. His precious foster home had two young boys that might be a little too rambunctious for him. He did get along great with the kids and was a true gentle giant. Scott is a little timid and shy. He is a very sweet boy though! He starts his heartworm treatment in about two weeks. Once he is cleared from the vet we will announce his meet and greet debut so keep an eye out for the end of the summer.

###Scott is a handsome 7.5-year old golden mix male, about 90 pounds of cuddly love. Scott’s family moved and abandoned him at the home of a friend. He has been with his current people for two years but they do not have time to take care of him properly. Scott needs a permanent, forever and ever home. Scott loves adults and children, adores small dogs, but is not a fan of cats. He is very intelligent, knows his basic commands, and likes to go for walks. Scott appears to be in good health but he will receive a thorough exam at our vet and then be ready for adoption. Scott is already in his new foster home, loved and adored by a fantastic new foster family. Stay tuned for updates!


Emmitt – Male – 4 years old – GRRALL #0689 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 7/3/18:Emmit is a wonderful, affectionate boy that captures the heart of everyone he meets. He is very well-behaved, knows and obeys basic commands: sit, stay, and down. His perfect home will be active, where he will have daily exercise and play time. Emmitt is very relaibly house-trained and can be trusted to be left alone insdie without incident. His only behavior issue is counter-surfing, he is a professional at stealing any food items left out on a kitchen counter or any other surface. Other than that, he is just about the perfect dog. He is completely loved by his foster family that includes three senior dogs and a young mini Yorkie. Emmitt is recovering from his neuter surgery and will be attending our July 15th meet and greet so be sure to come meet him!

###Mini Update 6/4/18: Emmitt is heartworm negative! Yay!

###Welcome Emmitt to GRRALL! Emmit is about 4 years old, a golden boy found as a stray, groomed and shaved, but never claimed. He is handsome now, with gorgeous eyes, but will be stunning once his hair grows back. Emmitt was very happy to get out of the shelter and rode great in the car. He walks well on a leash and is a real sweetheart. Stay tuned for updates on Emmitt as we get to know him better.




Baron – Male – 5 years old – GRRALL #0687 – AVAILABLE SOON

Please consider donating to Baron’s fundraiser. He needs an MRI and a consultation with a neurologist to clarify his diagnosis. https://poundwishes.com/donate/2895592/baron

Update 6/18/18: Baron has been with his foster for a couple of weeks and is settling in well. He is now up-to-date on all his shots and has been neutered. Baron’s foster family noticed some irregularities with his gait and movement and so we had him evaluated by our vet. The conclusion is that he most likely has an old injury to his neck vertebrae that is constricting his movement and causing him problems. It may require surgery to correct. Baron will need an MRI and a consultation with a neurologist to clarify his diagnosis and determine the best course of action. The MRI is a minimum of $1,500 and the neurology specialist consultation will run about $200.

###Baron is a 5-year old golden boy, about 90 pounds, owner surrender. Baron needs to start his life over, this time as a loved and wanted indoor dog, with proper vet care, food, exercise, grooming, and most of all love and attention. Baron received a thorough exam at our vet and was neutered. He also received the full spa treatment as he had been living outside for at least the last year. The GRRALL transport volunteer said Baron did great in the car, was wonderful, super sweet, and no problem with the leash. Baron has the typical golden personality, just thrilled to be around the volunteers and vet staff and loves all the attention. He likes tennis ball and wanted to play. Baron is dog friendly and cat friendly! Baron will be available for adoption soon; we will post updates as we get to know this big handsome boy better.

Brownie – Female – One-year-old – GRRALL #0683 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 6/21/18: Brownie’s foster parents say she is an awesome little dog and that she is exceptional! Brownie is very much a border collie in temperament and behavior. She’s sweet, very very smart, and a little bit stubborn/persistent. She learns super fast and enjoys challenges. She wants what she wants and will let you know. She is extremely fast. She’s a very athletic little girl. She plays chase with the other dogs in her foster home. The perfect adoptive home for Brownie would be a family who has experience with working dogs. Brownie will need plenty of exercise and mental challenges. She needs to be in fun stuff like agility, fly ball, and rally, so she can use her mental energy. If you are wanting a couch potato Brownie is not your girl. We expect Brownie to make her meet and greet debut on July 15. Keep an eye out for the official Facebook post.

###Update 5/16/18: Brownie was spayed today and has been in her foster home for just over a week. She is settling in just fine. She loves to follow her foster mom around the house.

Brownie is an adorable one-year-old pocket Golden, weighing in at only 32 pounds. The owners took Brownie and two other dogs to the shelter as they were chasing the neighbor’s goats. Our Brownie will now only chase balls and other frolicking dogs in her new life! The volunteer who transported Brownie from the shelter said she was super sweet, loves to be pet, and gives lots of kisses. She needs basic leash training but is a smart girl and will learn quickly. Brownie is at our vet for a full medical and spa work-up and spay. Thankfully Brownie is heartworm negative. We are looking for a great foster home for our new little girl.




Duke– Male – 11 years old – GRRALL #0681 – AVAILABLE NOW

Duke is a handsome 11 year old male. He is a Golden and Labrador mix. The perfect combination! We will be doing private meet and greets with potential matches.

Duke was found as a stray and his “owners” were called several times and opted to abandon him. Duke is 11 but he looks and acts quite a bit younger. Duke is super sweet, friendly, rode great in car, heartworm negative, and was very happy to be saved. Duke is good with other dogs and children.

Duke‘s foster family reports he is a sweetheart. Duke is very easy going, does great with his crate, walks well and doesn’t pull on the leash. He doesn’t really pay attention to Bella, the resident dog, and doesn’t engage her when she growls at him. Bella is an alpha female. Duke seems to be submissive and respects Bella’s home. He knows sit and can shake with both hands. He’s a smart dude! He is very spunky and active for his estimated age. Duke is looking for his furever home! Might that be you??

Finnegan – Male –9 years old – GRRALL #0665 – AVAILABLE SOON

6/26/18 Update: Finnegan is heartworm free!! He still needs to be neutered but the vet would like to wait one more month before doing so. We are doing private meet and greets for potential matches, let us know if you are interested in meeting Finnegan.

6/18/18 Update: Finnegan has his check up appointment next week to get vet clearance from his heartworm treatment. He still needs to be neutered. He is a sweet boy and loves to be by his people. He does have a bit of anxiety so someone who is home often would be a plus. Finnegan is playful and does not act his age, he is young at heart. Finnegan is a big boy and can easily knock people over so we are looking for a home with children over 13 years old. Finnegan loves being the center of attention. He needs to be crated when left home alone or he can get into a bit of trouble. He loves bones and chew toys, he has a little too much fun shredding plush toys. Finnegan is almost ready for his forever family, might be you?

6/2/18 Update: Finnegan is about half way through his heartworm treatment. Stay tuned for updates when he is cleared from the vet to make his meet and greet debut!

###4/16/18 Update: Finnegan has lost 10lbs and should be cleared to start his heartworm treatment soon.
3/31/18 Update: Finnegan needed to loose a little bit of weight before he could start his heartworm treatment. He should be starting treatment soon. He is still a big boy but healthier. His foster parents report he is a Velcro dog and follows them everywhere. Finn is very sweet. He is learning manners and is almost 100% house broken.
3/18/2018 Update: Poor Finnegan tested positive for heartworms, yet another dog who must endure months of difficult treatment because he wasn’t given a simple heartworm preventative. He is doing great though, in a home now and his Foster Mom days he is big, drooly, goofy, and very sweet. This handsome young guy is just a thrilled to be out of the shelter and is just so happy to be alive with love and attention. We will keep posted on Finnegan’s status.

Welcome Finnegan! Finnegan is an extremely handsome golden boy, about 9 years old; dumped at a high kill shelter. An amazing volunteer drove hours to pick Finnegan up from the shelter, and both had huge grins of happiness as they made their freedom ride back to the DFW area. Finnegan is a big boy at 91 pounds, sweet, gentle, and grateful to be saved.Finnegan will receive a thorough medical exam and heartworm test at our GRRALL vet. Paws crossed this gentle giant is heartworm negative. We will update about Finnegan as we get to know him better.


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Cowboy – Male – 4 years old – GRRALL #0664 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 7/3/18: Cowboy is ready to find his furever home! He is 4 years old. He is such a loyal and loving boy. He loves to be brushed and petted and is such a quiet guy, you hardly know he’s there. He’s a chill dude whose favorite thing is to be by his foster mom’s side. His perfect home would be with someone who is retired or works at home, but he would do fine with a working parent too as long as he has a confident but gentle doggie companion who can show him the ropes and make him feel safe. He is not destructive and can be trusted when his family is away. He just wants to be with his humans as much as he can, because he’s such a people-oriented guy. He loves his easy going canine foster brother and would prefer a doggie sibling like him rather than a young and active dog. We think Cowboy would do best without any kitty siblings, as he does like to chase bunnies and other wildlife.

Cowboy loves to go for walks and is good on a leash. He also enjoys car rides, so if you’re looking for a pal for drive-thru runs, he’s your man! Sweet Cowboy can be a bit timid at times, so a quiet home without young children would be best for him. He warms up to people very quickly, but potential adopters will need to give him a little patience and understand he just needs to feel you out and know you’re safe. Then he’s a lovebug! He is afraid of storms and the sounds of the lawn mower and trimmer and needs a safe place to go hide out until the scary sounds are over.

Cowboy has a lot of love to give! Are you his furever home? Since our sweet boy would likely find meet and greets a bit overwhelming, we will be doing private meetings with applicants who seem like they’d be a great fit for him. If you are interested and have an approved application, let us know by emailing grralladopts@gmail.com

###Update 6/24/2018: Snip snip! Cowboy was neutered and is recovering!

###Update 6/21/18: Cowboy’s neuter was postponed until 6/22 for a skin issue that is now cleared up. Once he has recovered from his neuter he will be adoption ready!

Update 5/4/18: Cowboy was cleared from the vet today! Heartworm treatment complete! He gets neutered at the beginning of June and should make his meet and greet debut in July. Keep any eye out for the announcement.

###Update 3/10/18: Cowboy is a gorgeous dog. He has the coloring of both a Golden and an Australian Shepard with gold, red, brown, and white all throughout his coat. So many people just stop his foster mom and comment on how pretty he is. He is just as pretty on the inside. He is calm and very loving, loves attention and takes his treats very gently. His foster family is working on basic commands, and he is so eager to please. He loves to walk and does pretty well on a leash. Cowboy is great with other dogs and loves people. He hasn’t been tested around cats or kids, but I imagine he would be great with kids too, especially older kids. The poor guy has to endure Heartworm treatments and then be neutered, so he has a few rough months ahead before he will be 100% healthy and ready to find his perfect home.  Cowboy is a great dog and will make some lucky family a wonderful pet. His foster family loves him and are so excited for him to find a family all his own.

Welcome Cowboy! Cowboy is about 4-years old, 54 pounds, reddish-brown, and the best mix of golden and something cute! Cowboy was discarded by his owners at a high kill shelter as he is heartworm positive. Lucky for Cowboy some great volunteers jumped into action to save him before the deadline, and he is now with GRRALL, ready to start his life anew. Cowboy will receive a thorough medical exam and treatment for heartworm disease; an easily avoided condition if given a routine prescription preventative.

Cowboy is good with other dogs, calm, and very sweet. He is a gorgeous dog and ready to be healthy and a loved permanent family member. We will update Cowboy once we get to know him better.


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Shelby – Female – 10-years-old – GRRALL #0660 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 6/15/18: Shelby is 63lbs now! Her foster family has been patient and helped her reach her goal weight at a nice healthy rate. She will be begin heart worm treatment next week.

Update 3/15/18: Shelby is almost at a healthy weight! Her foster parents have been working very hard to get her there. Soon she will be ready to start her heartworm treatment. Shelby’s foster Dad had a doggy dna test done, she is 5/8 lab, 1/4 golden and 1/8 supermutt.

Welcome Shelby! Shelby is about 10 years-old, heartworm positive and extremely emaciated at 43 pounds, at least twenty pounds underweight. Despite being scared Shelby happily went to our transport volunteers, grateful to be saved, and hopefully get a decent meal. Shelby’s teeth show excessive wear so unbearable to imagine what she had been attempting to eat to keep herself alive. Shelby is at our vet now, starting her recovery process. She will receive a full check-up and proper care to build up her weight before heartworm treatment can even start. We are looking for a very special foster home for Shelby, ideally a foster-to-adopt home to minimize stress, and ensure Shelby can stay with the same people throughout her long recovery and then be adopted. Shelby is a sweet, gorgeous, and friendly girl who deserves a shot at a better life. Stay tuned for updates about our special girl.


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Calvin – Male – 3 years old – GRRALL #0609 – AVAILABLE SOON

Calvin is a fantastic looking 3-year-old cream colored 67 pound Golden mix. Just look at those ears! He is house-trained, crates easily, and loves to play fetch and swim. He is smart and treat driven. He knows basic commands, so a calm and patient adopter could probably train Calvin much further.

Calvin startles easily at noises and needs someone who is willing to take it slow and work with him to overcome his fears. He will do best in a quiet home as an only pet, no young children, and no apartments, as Calvin can be vocal. An experienced dog owner would be a real plus for him.

Calvin likes being around his people and will follow you around because he wants to know where you are all the time. He is happy to be lying on the floor by your feet. Calvin really enjoys tennis balls and playing fetch and tug of war. It’s such a delight to see him running around, playing and happy, a far cry from when GRRALL rescued him from a shelter. He also loves to swim so a pool would be a nice bonus.


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Knowles – 4 yrs – Male – GRRALL #0601 – AVAILABLE SOON

We are currently looking for a foster home for Knowles. Someone who can dedicate time to helping Knowles overcome some issues. A quiet home would be a huge plus.

Knowles is a three-year-old, 60 pound healthy and friendly boy. He has been in boarding way too long and is patiently waiting for an experienced foster or adopter. Another dog in the home is ok but we aren’t sure about cats. Knowles is super friendly, calm, gentle, walks great on a leash, loves to be brushed, rides great in a car, house-trained, and very intelligent. He doesn’t seem too interested in balls or toys but his personality won’t fully develop until he is in his own home.

When Knowles first came to GRRALL we thought he might be dog reactive so to be overly cautious and conservative we only allowed “only pet” homes, but with time and experience we see Knowles is fine around other dogs, with the normal supervision of an experienced dog person on walks and when meeting other dogs. We are offering Knowles adopter in-house training services, paid for by a GRRALL sponsor, to demonstrate our commitment to finding Knowles a home and alleviating any concerns an adopter may have about his behavior around other dogs.