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We use Adopt-a-Pet and PetFinder to list all of our currently available dogs. Dogs are updated regularly so check back often. If you do not see a possible match, it is still best to submit an adoption application as we get new dogs in weekly.

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Please note that we do not adopt outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our service area is limited to Dallas and Tarrant counties and the immediate bordering counties – Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hood and Parker counties. Click here for a listing of Golden Retriever rescue groups across the U.S.

Annie – Female – 4.5-years-old – GRRALL #0742 – AVAILABLE SOON

Meet Annie!  The sun is out, tomorrow is here, and Annie is now a loved and protected GRRALL dog!  Our new girl is about 4.5 years old, 70 pounds, a stray who had a cast of volunteers drop everything to pick her up from the great shelter people.  Annie is gorgeous, friendly, gets along well with dogs, untested with cats and children, and thankfully heartworm negative  Our beautiful girl is at our vet and will receive a thorough examination, be spayed, and then move into her foster home.   We will post more about Annie as we get to know her better.


Lola – Female – 6-years-old – GRRALL #0741 – AVAILABLE SOON

Lola: I met her in a shelter down in North Waco…and now she’s drinking dog champagne and saying thanks for letting me come home with GRRALL!

Lola is a gorgeous golden mix, about 6 years old, totally non-reactive to cats, likes dogs, loves humans, super calm, sweet, friendly, and walks great on a leash.  She is heartworm negative, well fed and groomed, and appears in great physical shape.  Lola was an unclaimed stray, but she is ours now.  Lola will have a thorough vet check-up and be available for adoption once she settles into her foster home and we get to know her a little better.


Zeus (m) and Zoey (f) – Bonded 6.5yo littermates – #0739/0740 – AVAILABLE NOW

Welcome Zeus and Zoey!  Our newest GRRALL pups are bonded 6.5 year-old littermates, best buddies and must be adopted together.  Zeus and Zoey’s humans are moving to a retirement community that does not allow dogs.  They have been well cared for and are friendly pups.  They are good with children but haven’t been exposed to cats.   Zeus and Zoey are in their GRRALL foster home now and doing great.

zoey and zeus

Nova – Female – 1-year-old – GRRALL #0738 – AVAILABLE SOON

Nova is our bright new star, a tiny 36 pound golden mix, neglected for most of her young life.  Nova was in severe distress due to untreated infections and hot spots.  When rescued by GRRALL Nova’s head was covered with a bloody wrap and her paws wrapped in duct tape, apparently to dissuade her from scratching at her sores.   Our transport volunteers are amazing but even with all they have seen this was a heart wrenching job, but they were happy to do it and help this poor dog.  Nova is our Princess now and we will do everything possible to treat her illnesses and find her a permanent home with people who will love and care for her forever, not just when convenient.

Nova is at our vet now, recovering from a myriad of issues including infected hot spots and skin infection, malnutrition, worms, and more.  Amazing but she tested heartworm negative but will be tested again in six months.   Nova is reported to be friendly, good with cats, kids, and other dogs, but we will update as we get to know her better.    Rest assured Nova is getting the best care available, from this day forward.


Joy – Female – 8-years-old – GRRALL #0737  – AVAILABLE SOON

Joy was pulled from the shelter last weekend. She is estimated to be about 8 years old. She was listed as urgent because she had a temperature of 103 and a mammary tumor. One of our volunteers picked her up and took her straight to the vet to get checked out. No pyometra was seen on X-rays the vet thinks she was just in heat. Nothing immediately life threatening. She had at least three known tumors. The vet aspirated other tumors to see what we’re working with. She also has an ear injection that our vet has begun treating. She had surgery Thursday to have the tumors removed and was also spayed. She is doing well and recovering. She will go to her foster home very soon.

Our transporter said Joy is very sweet and laid back. Joy loves to be petted. We will update once we know more about her. If you’d like to help us cover Joy’s medical needs: https://cuddly.com/donate/3184638/joy


Opal – Female – 2-years-old – GRRALL #0733 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 12/26/18: Opal is a very sweet girl. She enjoys being close to you while you watch tv. She is house broken and knows to sit by the door when she needs to go out. Opal does need to be crated when left home alone or she will get into things she shouldn’t. She needs someone who will help her learn what she can and can’t chew. Opal loves toys that are like puzzles and she can be mentally stimulated. She loves playing with toys and plays well by herself. She is a very smart girl. She has already learned sit and lay down. Opal enjoys going on walks and does well on a leash. She loves to be outside so a home with a yard is a huge plus. She loves kids too. We will be looking for an adoptive home where she can be the center of attention and no other pets steal her spotlight.

###Update 12/6/18: Opal is a very sweet girl. She enjoys being close to you while you watch tv. She is house broken. She can be left roaming free while her foster mom is sleeping and is a good girl. She does enjoy socks so being cautious of what you leave out is needed. She loves playing with toys and plays well by herself. Opal enjoys going on walks and does fairly well on a leash. She is still getting used to being in the car, it can be a little overwhelming for her since she probably hasn’t spent much or any time in a car before.

###Sweet Opal is safe now and ready for her new life!  Opal is a golden/Great Pyrenees mix, about 2 years old, 60 pounds, gorgeous eyes, and a beautiful white coat.  She was found as a stray and never claimed.  Our transport volunteer said she is sweet, soft, cuddly, and just loved the attention.  Opal is good with both dogs and cats.  She is recovering from her spay surgery and should be available for adoption soon.


Burl – Male – 7-year-old – GRRALL #0732 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 11/19/18: We have been waiting to post an update about Burl. He has been in his foster home for a week now. He is a sweet boy and his foster family adores him. His fosters had some concerns about his hips and when he went in for his check up before scheduling his neuter our vet suspected laryngeal paralysis. He was neutered today and our vet had these findings: thinks he is actually about 7 years old and has severe hip dysplasia in both hips, secondary arthritis and laryngeal paralysis (both sides). Poor Burl has had a ruff life!! We will keep you updated on his progress as we figure out the next steps for Burl.
Burl!!  Burl is about 3-years old, 65 lbs, found as a stray and is never looking back!  A Good Samaritan out in the country contacted GRRALL after noticing Burl had been a stray for quite some time.  Looks can be deceiving and despite Burl’s handsome appearance he was flea infested, intact, damaged teeth, and had wounds that had not healed properly.  Burl is a sweet boy, good with other dogs and humans, rides great in the car, and was thrilled to have been saved.   Burl had a thorough exam at our vet, was neutered, and just moved into his foster home.  We will keep you updated on this sweet boy.


Wendy – 8 years old – Female – GRRALL #0727 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 12/20/18: Wendy had her last heartworm injection today. She still needs to be spayed before she is adoption ready so hopefully she will be looking for her adoptive home in March. Wendy’s foster mom says she is a terrific dog and has a charming personality. She is so joyful. When her foster mom kneels down to love on her she rests one paw on her shoulder and peers deeply into her eyes as if to say “Listen, we need to have a talk.” Wendy is a hoot! She is a bit of a thief and enjoys stealing toilet paper rolls from the bathroom and taking them to her crate. She loves elk antlers and Himalyan chews too! Stay tuned for updates on Wendy as she gets closer to being adoption ready.

###Wendy came to us from the Texarkana shelter. She was seized by authorities because her family left her tethered outside all the time with no sign of water or food. Despite this lack of care, she is an extremely sweet girl. A huge shout out to her transport angel for picking this girl up and delivering her to GRRALL! She is at our vet now getting the care she needs until she is ready to move into a foster home. Paws crossed she is heartworm negative! Stay tuned as we get to know her better.


Butters – Female – 1 year old – GRRALL #0726 – AVAILABLE NOW

Update 12/17/18: Butters will be ready for her furever home after the holidays. She would do best in a home with another young playful dog. Butters loves to play and rough house with the resident dog, she looks to him for cues and guidance. A quiet home where there are not too many visitors is a plus as she is fearful of new people. She warms up after a while but will seek a place to hide out. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl. She does well free roaming at night. She does occasionally get into something but as long as puppy proofed she does good. She loves to shred stuffed toys. A home with children over 10 years old would be best since she does not know her size and can easily knock the little ones over. Butters is house broken and is learning basic commands. She needs some training on leash manners but is very treat driven. If you are interested in having a private meet and greet with Butters we will be doing so after the holidays with appropriate matches.
###Update 11/11/18: Butters has been spayed and is fully recovered. Butters loves toys and bones. She plays well by herself but does enjoy rough housing with the resident dog. She would do best with another active dog to keep up with her. She is a bit timid still, having another dog would help boost her confidence. Her foster family is working on potty training and basic commands. Butters needs constant supervision since she is still in her mischievous puppy stage, she likes to chew anything and everything but can be easily redirected. Her foster family is also working on teaching her not to jump, she would probably do best with kids over 10 years old because she does not know her size yet. She is crate trained. She enjoys going on walks and window watching. She likes to bury her treats outside, it is super cute to watch her do it. Butters does have a pretty big bark for a female. Stay tuned as her foster family gets to know her better.


Butters is a one year old Golden Pyrenees mix female who was found as a stray. One of our GRRALL volunteers drove to the small town shelter to spring her from doggy jail. She rode great in the car and just wanted to be petted. She is a sweet and friendly girl. Butters is now at our vet getting a full exam, she will be spayed and moved to her foster home. She should be available for adoption soon. Please stay tuned for updates as her foster family gets to know her.


Norman – Male – 9 years – GRRALL #0718 – AVAILABLE SOON

Update 10/2/18: Norman has been in his foster home for almost a week now. He is getting along well with the resident foster dog. Norman will spend a little time relaxing and getting to know his foster family and then will be begin heartworm treatment.

###Update 9/23/2018: One of our amazing volunteers visited Norm at the vet and he was thrilled for the company. Norm is a very friendly boy, loves people and chew toys and attention. He is already looking and feeling much better than just a few weeks ago when he was rescued from the shelter. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Norm or any GRRALL dog, please apply at: https://grralliance.org/applications/adoption-application/

###Welcome Norman, to GRRALL where everyone knows your name! Our new boy Norm is about 9 years old, a stray who was never claimed. Norm is friendly and sweet, so happy to be saved and receive treatment for his arthritis, eye and ear infections, and hot spots. He is also significantly underweight but we have already started him on healthy food and treats. Norm will stay our vet for a few weeks to treat his pains and start him on the road to recovery. No guarantees in life but we are hopeful Norm has many good years ahead of him, in a permanent home to call his own.


Dottie – Female – 9 years old – GRRALL #691 – Available Soon

Update 9/5/18: Dottie had a follow up appointment at her dermatologist this week. The dermatologist is thinking food allergy, so she is starting a food trial. Her foster is still doing the last lime sulfur dip next week just to cover the bases, but it’s looking like scabies is not the main culprit when it comes to the itch. The triumph of the day was that she has gained 4 lbs! Woot!
###Update 7/26/18: Dottie saw a specialist yesterday for what we thought was severe allergies. The dermatologist thinks it may be something more, possibly skin cancer. We need to get the infection and bacteria on her skin gone before she can have a biopsy (she’s already been on rounds of antibiotics and other meds and medicated baths, etc.). She’s on new meds and daily treatments now. Please keep this special girl in your thoughts. It’s not fair that she has been through so much neglect and now she might be gravely ill. She deserves better.
###Update 6/21/18: Dottie’s temporary foster home could not part with her so they are now fostering her. She is cat friendly and the sweetest gal despite all the skin issues she has. She had a vet check up this week. She still needs medicated baths twice a week. She is such a loving girl. Stay tuned to watch her progress.
###Update 6/10/2018: Dottie is in a temporary foster home now, and already doing better!
Last week we were contacted by a vet tech who told us that she had a sweet senior Golden whose owner decided to have her euthanized because she couldn’t afford to pay for the allergy testing and care that her dog so badly needed. Thankfully, the owner agreed to surrender the dog to the vet so that she could receive care and have a second chance. Our dedicated volunteers sprang into action and brought this girl into rescue immediately.
Dottie is only 9-years-old. Sadly, in addition to her terrible skin condition and massive ear infections caused by allergies, she is also heartworm positive. We’re heartbroken for her that she has had to endure so much and will have to go through heartworm treatment on top of it all.

Dottie has a long road ahead of her. She has been at our vet since Tuesday, receiving much needed treatments, medicine, medicated baths, and prescription food to get her on the road to healing. She’ll be there for several more days before she’ll be medically stable and healthy enough to head to her foster home, where she’ll be spoiled rotten and continue to receive regular medicated baths. She’s got many vet appointments ahead of her, and depending on how things go, potentially trips to a specialist for her allergies. Once she’s healthy enough and her allergies are under control, she’ll undergo heartworm treatment. She is a loving, sweet girl, with an incredibly gentle personality. She’s already gorgeous in our eyes, but she’ll be stunning once she is feeling 100% again. Our vet’s staff said she has a great appetite in spite of everything else she is going through. She is your typical Golden gal on the inside, but she needs your help to feel like the Golden gal she should be on the outside too!

We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

Please take a minute to support Dottie and her medical needs, or visit her wishlist- there are plenty of things to choose from to help brighten her day. Dottie needs your help to feel like the queen that she is. https://poundwishes.com/donate/2861466/dottie



Knowles – 4 yrs – Male – GRRALL #0601 – AVAILABLE SOON

Knowles is a four-year-old, 60 pound healthy and friendly boy. He has been in boarding way too long and is patiently waiting for an experienced foster or adopter. Another dog in the home is ok but we aren’t sure about cats. Knowles is super friendly, calm, gentle, walks great on a leash, loves to be brushed, rides great in a car, house-trained, and very intelligent. He doesn’t seem too interested in balls or toys but his personality won’t fully develop until he is in his own home.

When Knowles first came to GRRALL we thought he might be dog reactive so to be overly cautious and conservative we only allowed “only pet” homes, but with time and experience we see Knowles is fine around other dogs, with the normal supervision of an experienced dog person on walks and when meeting other dogs. We are offering Knowles adopter in-house training services, paid for by a GRRALL sponsor, to demonstrate our commitment to finding Knowles a home and alleviating any concerns an adopter may have about his behavior around other dogs.