About Us

About Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance (GRRALL)

Without regard to age, medical condition, or cost of care, GRRALL accepts Golden Retrievers and “Golden hearted” mixes in need of rescue. Many times, the care of these animals runs into the thousands of dollars.

Over 95% of all GRRALL expenses are for veterinary care. For example, a healthy dog that comes from an area shelter can cost the organization $650 before they become available for adoption. They are held in isolation for several days to prevent the spread of contagious disease, receive routine vaccinations, a full medical evaluation to ensure they are healthy, and spay/neuter surgery. Dogs with more serious medical needs (i.e. heartworm disease, kennel cough, internal parasites, distemper, etc.) require more funding. GRRALL’s anticipated expenses for 2020 will exceed $150,000 dollars. GRRALL has rescued over 780 deserving animals since inception in 2010. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, and 100% of all donations go toward caring for these deserving dogs and finding them a permanent, loving forever home. All GRRALL staff are unpaid volunteers.

Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance, Inc. (GRRALL) is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing permanent, loving forever homes for homeless, neglected and abandoned golden retrievers and “Golden Hearted” mixes who need our help. As with any non-profit organization, GRRALL relies on your generous support to continue our operations. While we do collect adoption fees from new adoptions, this typically covers only one-third of the average expenses for each dog rescued and extraordinary expenses can be considerably more. Contributions from caring people like you must make up the rest. Your contributions provide for the medical care, rehabilitation, and placement of these wonderful animals in their new forever homes.


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