DFW Metro Golden Retriever Rescue

Dallas Fort Worth Metro Golden Retriever Rescue wishes to let everyone know that as of July 15, 2015 we are no longer acting as a rescue organization. We are happy to report that after 30+ years of dedication to the Golden Retrievers in Texas – and literally thousands of dogs that have been enriched by adoption through our Rescue – we can step back and let Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance, Inc. handle the responsibility going forward. This group has worked side by side with us for many years doing the great work of Rescue in the DFW Metro Area and after September 15th, 2015 will continue the great work we started.

With kindest regards, and humble thanks for your commitment to the dogs,

Board of Directors – DFWMGRR

Please use the tabs at the top of the page to contact Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance (GRRALL) about your DFW Metro dog or to see Our Available Dogs, How to Adopt, Applications to Adopt, Foster, Volunteer, Calendar of Events, Contact Info and more info About Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance, Inc. (GRRALL).

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