Does your dog love dog treats?? Check out our Treat Me Right fundraiser before it ends on March 26th at 10pm! All you have to do is select the treats you would like, add them to your cart, select Golden Retriever Rescue Alliance from the drop down box for where the donated dollars go to, and check out! They have cat friendly treats too!
Don’t have a dog? You can select donate treats to partner group on the website and they will get shipped to our permanent foster dogs.
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WHAT? A DVD about Golden Retrievers?! Tell me more!

This 65 minute DVD documentary showcases the 150th anniversary of the Golden Retriever breed and the record-setting gathering of 361 Goldens and their adoring humans. The video also covers the history and heritage of the Golden Retriever. A great gift for any Golden lover! DVD’s are $10 for one, and $15 for two. See purchase links below.

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