GRRALL 2018 Tree of Hope

The annual Tree of Hope enables us to work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique fundraiser. GRRALL’s adoption fee only covers approximately 30% of our overall expenses – we must fundraise the rest. Over 95% of all of our expenses are for veterinary care for our dogs. As a reminder, your donation is 100% tax deductible, and all funds raised go towards finding these deserving dogs permanent, loving homes.

We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

If you’d like to include a tribute with your donation, please email us at

Tree of Hope 2018

goldenangel In memory of our sweet George Bailey~Julie Anderson

purplebulbpurplebulbIn Memory of George Bailey ~Penny Kurhajec

whitebulb~Amberly Watkins

redbulbredbulbpurplebulbnutcracker3  George Bailey was a beloved member of our Facebook group Paw Pals. We have raised this money in his honor. We will forever love GB and we know he will live on in his family and all the great work your organization does. Thank you for all that you do! ~Mary Grayce Hart and Paw Pals

redbulbredbulbTo my sister Debbie, who goes above and beyond helping with these rescues~Sharon Smith

bluebulbwhitebulb~Diane Lester

bluebulbIn honor of my sweet Frisco dog ~Jacquelyn Harty

gold ball In memory of Mr. George Bailey~Carol Meyer

burgundy ball  In remembrance of Becca Bear~Kenna Cavnar

goldenangel ~Kristen Weaver

yellowbox~Sarah Harbaugh

goldenangel ~Michael Ross

bluebulb ~Paul Nichols

burgundy ball ~Heather Stroh

purplebox~Jodi Klockenga

blue ball ~Keith Volanto

goldenangel In loving memory of Murph Murph ~Catherine Smith

nutcracker3 In loving memory of the Golden Angels in my life: Loran, Jake, Mr. Buddy, and J.J. ~Victoria Koenig

burgundy ball redbulbpurplebulb~Heather Denton

goldenangel  In memory of our two sweet Golden boys, Charlie and Kodie~Kelly Yost

burgundy ball  ~Priscilla Davenport

goldenangel In honor of our sweet Molly. She is a furry bundle of love and we are so happy she is part of our family~Susan Helm

whitebulbpurplebulbredbulb~Segis Lipscomb

burgundy ball ~Mary MacDonald

purplebulb~Marie Jankowski

goldenangel In honor of our sweet Kody and GRRALL for blessing our lives with him! ~Amy Parks

yellowbox For Dottie ~Tamara Galbraith

purplebulb ~Kent Kallmeyer

burgundy ball ~Pam Martin

purplebulbFor Dottie~Mara Cain

whitebulb~Monique Lambring

burgundy ball ~Laurie Haggard

whitebulb ~Georganne Chamness




purplebulb                             redbulb
Purple Light               Red Light
$10.00                          $15.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

whitebulb                             bluebulb
White Light                Blue Light
$20.00                          $30.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03


blue ball                                 burgundy ball
Blue Ornament         Red Ornament
$40.00                          $50.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

gold ball                               goldenangel
Gold Ornament        Golden Ornament
$60.00                          $65.00
sc-but-03        sc-but-03


whitebox                      yellowbox
White Gift Box           Yellow Gift Box
$75.00                           $100.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

purplebox                        redbox
Purple Gift Box           Red Gift Box
$150.00                         $200.00
sc-but-03          sc-but-03

greenbox                        bluebox
Green Gift Box            Blue Gift Box
$250.00                         $500.00
sc-but-03          sc-but-03

Nutcracker (enter your own amount)