GRRALL 2017 Tree of Hope

The annual Tree of Hope enables us to work towards covering our costs while giving you – our donors – the opportunity to contribute to a unique fundraiser. GRRALL’s adoption fee only covers only approximately 30% of our overall expenses – we must fundraise the rest. Over 95% of all of our expenses are for veterinary care for our dogs. As a reminder, your donation is 100% tax deductible, and all funds raised go towards finding these deserving dogs permanent, loving homes.

We invite you to help us decorate the tree below with your generosity.

On behalf of all our Goldens, we thank you for your incredible support from the bottom of our hearts.

2017 Tree

purplebulb ~Danette Oneill

goldenangel ~Kristin Kelly

redbulbpurplebulbwhitebulbbluebulb ~Michael & Barbara Justice

goldenangel ~Susan Clark

yellowboxIn honor of Katelyn, & Alex Kish & Lovie (FKA Austin). ~Mary Roper




purplebulb                             redbulb
Purple Light               Red Light
$10.00                          $15.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

whitebulb                             bluebulb
White Light                Blue Light
$20.00                          $30.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03


blue ball                                 burgundy ball
Blue Ornament         Red Ornament
$40.00                          $50.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

gold ball                               goldenangel
Gold Ornament        Golden Ornament
$60.00                          $65.00
sc-but-03        sc-but-03


whitebox                      yellowbox
White Gift Box           Yellow Gift Box
$75.00                           $100.00
sc-but-03         sc-but-03

purplebox                        redbox
Purple Gift Box           Red Gift Box
$150.00                         $200.00
sc-but-03          sc-but-03

greenbox                        bluebox
Green Gift Box            Blue Gift Box
$250.00                         $500.00
sc-but-03          sc-but-03

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